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Drain & Sewer Services in Billerica, MA

Your sewer line is hidden deep below your property, so it's easy to forget it exists. However, overflows, collapsed pipes, and blockages can have a serious impact on your health and home, so you'll want to have an experienced plumbing team at your side should anything go wrong. Cranney Home Services has the skills and tools necessary to service your drain and sewer line needs, including repairs, replacements, and inspections.

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Our Sewer Line Services in Billerica

Sewer problems can seriously damage your architecture and landscaping, so regular maintenance and repairs are a core part of responsible homeownership. Our sewer line services will keep your lines maintained and repair any issues, including:

  • Main drain blockages
  • Root intrusion
  • Branch line clogs
  • Slow drainage solutions
  • Sewer line clearing
  • Drain repairs
  • Sewer cleaning services

We rely on cutting-edge technology to perform effective, lasting repairs. Our routine maintenance services will prevent serious problems before they have the opportunity to take hold.

For your sewer line needs in Billerica, Cranney Home Services has you covered. Call (978) 750-6900 to schedule an appointment.

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Camera Inspections in Billerica  

Sewer lines are notoriously inaccessible, so it can be difficult to find the source of a leak or blockage. Camera inspections offer many benefits, and at the forefront of those benefits is that they are the most affordable and fastest option to find the source of a leak. They're accurate, noninvasive, and affordable, allowing us to arrive at a diagnosis without digging up your home's beautiful features.

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Hydro Jetting Services in Billerica

Your pipes are prone to sediment and sludge buildup, which gradually evolves into tougher blockages. Old-fashioned solutions like drain snakes and corrosives do little more than widen a hole. They can also cause mechanical damage to your pipes. In contrast, hydro jetting eradicates sludge without destroying your line. This is the single most effective way to handle drain clearing. Hydro jetting also doesn't require any digging, so it's as affordable as it is efficient.

Learn more about our hydro jetting services for your Billerica home by contacting Cranney Home Services online.

Sewer Main Installation and Repair

We work with a wide range of pipe materials, so we're equipped to maintain and repair any sewer line. We'll identify defects accurately and swiftly, and that means you don't have to deal with lengthy disruptions. Our installations provide lasting functionality while reducing the risk of collapse. If you've noticed a reduction in water flow, we can help. We also provide frozen pipe repairs, trenchless services, and sprinkler reconnections. 

Signs That You Need Sewer Repair or Replacement

Sewer line problems aren't always easy to spot, but there are a few clues to watch out for:

  • A lush patch of lawn that's greener than the rest of your garden.
  • Your toilet bowl water level changes constantly.
  • You hear gurgling noises.
  • Your water bills have risen.
  • You've developed a rodent or insect infestation.

If you've noticed any of these signs, don't hesitate to call Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900 for sewer repairs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my sewer line keep backing up?

The most common cause of frequent blockages is bad disposal habits. Try to keep your drains clear of oils, grease, and foreign objects. If that doesn't do the trick, tree roots might have infiltrated your sewer line. Cracks and sagging are two more common culprits.

How do you know if your sewer line has collapsed?

Slow drainage and frequent blockages might be signs of a collapsed pipe. Sagging can also lead to mildew, insect infestations, and broken slabs.

Why Choose Us?

Cranney Home Services has proudly served the Billerica region for over 40 years. As an authorized Nexstar Service Provider, we have access to exceptional training and materials. That allows us to serve you better — a pursuit we're constantly improving upon. Our plumbing crew is licensed and well-versed in service excellence. They keep fully stocked vans to respond to urgent requests straight away. Plumbing crises can be expensive, so we offer discount offers and service partner plans.

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