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Cranney Home Services is one of the region’s top plumbing service companies for plumbing installations, replacements, and repair services in the North Shore. With close to four decades of industry knowledge, we are the company of choice for residential and business owners seeking plumbing assistance. Regardless of your plumbing issue, we will ensure you receive a timely resolution with efficiency and precision. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Whether you have a clogged drain or your water heater needs to be upgraded, we will deliver free-flowing drains, a dry, leak-proof home, and pressurized water when you need it. 

Contact us online to learn more about our plumbing services in the North Shore area, or call 978-750-6900 to speak with us today!

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Services

Your plumbing is the behind-the-scenes network in your home that keeps everything working as it should. But even the best systems fail at some point. Whether your pipes are frozen, your faucet is leaky, you only have cold water, or if you're experiencing any other plumbing issue in the North Shore, Cranney Home Services can get your plumbing system back to peak performance in no time. Our expert technicians will arrive stocked and ready to get your system diagnosed and completed so you can resume life as normal. No repair process is complete without thorough inspection and testing, so you can have confidence that your system is ready to serve up consistent, energy-saving results. Avoid more serious plumbing repairs or issues by maintaining your system with an annual tune-up and inspection.  

Have a plumbing problem outside of regular business hours? Not a problem. We provide same-day service. Contact Cranney Home Services for the fast plumbing repair you need! Call 978-750-6900 to get immediate help.

Plumbing Installations & Replacements 

Are you ready to upgrade some of your plumbing fixtures in your home or in need of some plumbing replacement services? Cranney is ready to deliver. Our expert team is familiar with all major brands of residential plumbing equipment so we can get your install done quickly and efficiently. If you need recommendations to better your current plumbing systems, our team has more than 35 years of experience to draw on to make sure you get what you want at a price you can afford. 

Cranney Home Services delivers fast and accurate work with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Contact us online or call 978-750-6900 to connect with our team and get your project going. 

Kitchen Plumbing Installations 

Your kitchen plumbing is second only to the bathroom plumbing in importance and complexity. Kitchen plumbing involves plumbing for the kitchen sink, the faucet, sprayer and accessories, the garbage disposal, water supply pipes, the P-trap, and the dishwasher drain hose. Ensuring that all these plumbing installations, repairs, and tune-ups are done correctly is the job of your professional plumbing team at Cranney Home Services.

Since your kitchen is one of the most used areas in your home, it's essential that plumbing repairs are addressed quickly and correctly. Avoid the impact of delaying needed kitchen repairs so your household doesn’t experience higher than necessary water bills or damages to floors/appliances that could be irreversible. 

Bathroom Plumbing 

Cranney Home Services takes pride in only installing the best materials with unsurpassed craftsmanship for bathroom plumbing installation projects. Our team can help you choose product upgrades or replacement options to keep your bathrooms functional and beautiful. 

Small bathroom plumbing repair jobs may be DIY jobs if you have someone handy around the house, but bigger bathroom plumbing repairs require professionals equipped and trained to diagnose and resolve plumbing problems with precision and timeliness. Cranney Home Services has you covered!

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Schedule Your Service Today

Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilet problems can be a real source of pain. Fortunately, the team at Cranney Home Services is always happy to help with comprehensive repair and replacement services for toilets of all kinds.

We'll ensure your toilet is working for you — whether that means a quick fix or a full replacement. If you're undertaking a bathroom remodel or want a more efficient and modern toilet, we can handle that, too.

It's important to take care of developing problems with your toilet early, so keep an eye out for signs of trouble. If your toilet keeps getting clogged, runs for no reason, smells like a sewer at all times, gurgles when you flush it or leaks even a tiny bit, it's time to call a professional. A small problem today could be a big problem tomorrow — one that damages your home or turns a quick repair into a full replacement.

Need to schedule toilet repair or replacement services in Merrimack Valley? Call Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900 or contact us online to speak to a team member today.

Water Heater Installation & Repair 

Our water heater installation/replacement service follows a thorough process of selection, delivery, and testing before our plumbing technicians call the job done. Each water heater installation in the North Shore will feature honest, upfront pricing, expert installations, replacements, haul-away services, and a clean job site upon the project’s completion. 

When something goes wrong with your water heater, Cranney Home Services is here to deliver the quick water heater repair solutions you need. Our five-star technicians are trained and licensed to deliver gas, electric, and tankless water heater repair. 

Gas Line Services

The gas lines in your North Shore property deliver the gas required to heat your stove, heaters, and gas furnaces. If you run into a gas line issue that needs immediate attention, call on the pros at Cranney Home Services for quick, safe, reliable service.

The certified technicians with Cranney Home Services have delivered gas line repair, installation, and replacement services for more than 35 years. If you need gas fittings, appliance hookups, gas line replacements, or anything else, we are ready for the job.

Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

Sump pumps labor tirelessly to prevent devastating basement flooding. They do this by safely and efficiently distributing water away from your home’s foundation after heavy rainfall, flash flood, or rise in groundwater levels. Having a sump pump can save you from expensive water damage to your home, appliances, and belongings. Cranney Home Services can help you select the perfectly sized sump pump for your property to protect you against flooding and water damage.

Sump pumps that are poorly designed or improperly installed may need more frequent repairs. The life spans of sump pumps are about 10 years if they receive regular maintenance and inspections. A full sump pump inspection once a quarter should help prevent sump pump breakdowns. However, the sump pump should be inspected by the homeowner monthly. 

Water Filtration Systems 

If you don’t have a water filtration system in your North Shore home yet, it may be something to think about. Water filtration systems “soften” your water by removing calcium and magnesium. Secondly, they naturally remove chlorine, chemical tastes, odors, and sediment, purifying the water source for your whole house. Water filtration systems protect your health, pure and simple.

Schedule Water Heater Repair
Schedule Water Heater Repair

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Drain Clearing

Your North Shore’s home plumbing system encompasses many different parts, including water supply lines, drains, and sewer pipes. Drain cleaning and sewer drain clearing removes debris (hair, grease, oil, soap scum, and limescale) in your hardworking pipes to help your pipes avoid stubborn clogs and other system backups. 

The Cranney Difference

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The Cranney Difference encompasses our commitment to a superior level of residential services in plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical that's unmatched in the North Shore area. Cranney Home Services is a Nexstar gold member, which catalogs us as a business capable of unparalleled, value-driven services and honest, trusted work with every service visit. Our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in our process and our product’s performance over time.

Cranney Home Services is here for all your plumbing needs in the North Shore. Contact us online to schedule a plumbing installation, repair, or maintenance visit today!

Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions 

What are the most common plumbing emergencies?

The most common plumbing emergencies are clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets/pipes, water heater issues, low water pressure, and a constantly running toilet. 

How can common plumbing problems be avoided?

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid plumbing problems, in addition to enlisting a professional plumber to fix issues as they arise. 

How can one innocently ruin their plumbing system?

The quickest way to damage a home’s plumbing system is to abuse its intended use. Don’t flush foreign objects down toilets, don’t abuse your garbage disposal, don’t use liquid drain cleaner, and avoid using different metals to join pipes — mistakes professional plumbers would never make. 

Is pipe repair a DIY project?

If the pipes in your home burst or need replacement, the work is best carried out by a professional. Safely detaching old pipes and installing new ones is no amateur task.

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Proudly Serving The
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Merrimack Valley
Areas include:
Salem   |   Andover   |   Danvers   |   Lynnfield   |   Melrose
and surrounding cities
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