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Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Backflow Prevention and Certification

We are committed to delivering safe, high quality and contaminant-free water to our customers. One of the most important aspects of this commitment is backflow prevention. When a water line connects with pipes containing a non-potable substance, we call this ‘cross-connection.’ Backflow is when your water becomes contaminated by flowing through a cross-connection from a non-potable source, such as a sprinkler or HVAC system, into the drinking water line. This can happen through a process known as backflow.

What is backflow?

Backflow is water flowing in the opposite direction than it is meant to. When hydraulic conditions within any water system deviate from normal, the direction of water flow can be reversed. This creates a backflow condition and the potential for contaminated water entering the potable water distribution system. Our backflow prevention technicians are specially trained to keep clean, drinkable water flowing directly to your home.

How does backflow happen?

  • Back siphonage: Occurs when the water pressure in your plumbing suddenly drops. This can result from a wide range of incidents such as during fire fighting or when a water main breaks. During an extreme water pressure reduction, water flow in your pipes can become reversed. Water flow reversal can create a suction effect and draw contaminants into your drinking water pipes.
  • Back pressure: Occurs when pressure in your plumbing pipes surpasses the pressure in the potable system providing the make-up water. This forces the potable water to reverse the direction of its flow through the cross-connection between both systems. Such flow reversals allow potential contaminants to then enter your drinking water system.

Backflow Prevention Features

Our backflow prevention specialists adhere to a strict checklist to make sure you won’t encounter the headache of a backflow problem. This includes:

  • Double check valve assembly.
  • Maintain air gaps.
  • Reduced pressure principal assembly.
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly.
  • Anti-siphon vacuum breaker.

Backflow Certification

Our backflow prevention specialists have been professionally trained and certified in backflow prevention.

Don’t allow your drinking water become contaminated with backflow! Get our backflow prevention specialists on the job today!

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