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Even the best air conditioning units need to be repaired from time to time. Malfunctions can occur at any time, and often appear without warning. Issues that arise can also range in severity. Whether your air conditioner needs repair due to wear and tear over time or it is the result of a separate issue, Cranney is here to help you. Unless the unit is simply beyond repair, we will never pressure you to replace or upgrade. We will do everything possible to repair your AC and expand its life span, keeping you and your loved ones safe, cool, and comfortable for years to come.

Most Common Air Conditioner Repairs:

  • Refrigerant - Refrigerant is the chemical component that is responsible for cooling the air that is flowing from your AC. If this chemical needs to be replaced at any point, it’s an obvious sign that you may have a leak in your system. If this chemical is leaking, your air conditioner will not cool as fully or efficiently. A Cranney professional can locate and repair leaks in no time.
  • Controls - Electric controls are necessary to keep your equipment running smoothly and properly. These controls can wear over time, especially if the unit is switched on and off very frequently. This can impair function drastically.
  • Sensors - Most models come equipped with a sensor that determines the temperature in your home. This allows the air conditioner to turn on when the temperature is warmer than desired. If the sensor has been knocked out of place or it isn’t working as it should, the air conditioner will not work properly.
  • Drainage - If drainage is restricted, your air conditioner could face severe problems down the line. Drainage is necessary, especially in periods of high temperatures or high humidity levels. Water accumulates in and around the machine, and as a result, it must drain out. Any liquid that remains for an extended period of time can result in a blockage or potential mold growth, and you certainly don’t want that being pumped into your home.
  • Fans - If the fan in your air conditioner isn’t working properly, or if it has stopped completely, air flow will become restricted. This can also cause the unit to overheat, which can damage the A/C even further.
  • Bad Wiring - If the wiring in your air conditioner is faulty, this is a potential fire hazard and you should contact a Cranney professional immediately.
  • Improper Installation-If your air conditioner wasn’t properly installed at first, Cranney can fix it. Improper installation can cause several issues that can impair function and hinder drainage.
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The Cranney Home Services air conditioning experts will always guarantee a job that is on time and up to code. We offer excellent customer service and upfront pricing. We’re ready to provide you and your home or business with the air conditioning repair service that you need, so call Cranney today!

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