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5 Signs You Need AC Repair


As warm weather arrives in the North Shore, you expect your central air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable all day long. But when it has a breakdown or isn’t functioning at peak performance, it can make indoor comfort almost impossible. Pulling out the window fans and trying to get a breeze through your home is no substitute for the crisp, cool air that comes from a working air conditioner.

Now breakdowns never happen at a good time- it’s always when the heat and humidity are at their worst. It’s important to maintain your unit but also know when it’s time to call a professional for a repair. But how do you know when it’s time to call for a repair from a professional HVAC company? Cranney has put together the signs you need an AC repair today before the problems escalate into a total replacement of your unit. 

Common AC Repair Signs

Odd Odors: Your central air unit should produce air that is odor-free and clean. If you smell moldy or musty odors, it’s probably a sign that mold has begun to grow inside the unit or the ductwork. While exhaust fume scents are a sign of leaking fluids. If it begins to give off a burning smell, that’s a sign of wiring failing or other issues within the unit. No matter the issue, odd smells coming from your air conditioner is never a good sign. 

Blowing Hot Air: This is probably the most obvious sign you need a visit from a professional HVAC company. Your air conditioner should be able to cool your house efficiently all day. If your home is never the temperature you set the thermostat to or the unit is blowing hot air from your vents- it’s time to call for a repair. This could be a leak or a broken compressor. Rest assured when you call Cranney Home Services, our technicians will diagnose and solve whatever the issue may be. 

Strange Noises: Is your air conditioner making rattling noises? Is it buzzing or grinding as it cycles on and off? These strange noises can be signs of a larger issue that needs to be addressed. Loose parts or lack of proper lubrication between components can cause serious damage if they’re not taken care of. Don’t ignore the noises coming from your air conditioner- call a professional for an AC repair. 

Constant Cycling: If your central air conditioner is always cycling, it might be a sign of a larger issue. If your unit is working correctly it should cycle on and off on a regular schedule. If it’s constantly turning on and off with irregular cooling patterns, call a professional to inspect the unit. 

High Electric Bills: We all know running air conditioning will cause an uptick in your electric bills in the summer. But if you’re seeing a spike that is out of the ordinary, it might be due to an issue with the unit itself. 

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