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Surge Protection in the North Shore

What happens when the occasional power surge hits your home? If it’s a severe power surge from a power line problem or a lightning strike, you probably notice the effects instantly as your devices die and your lights flicker. But did you know that surges happen constantly and mostly go undetected and that over time, these small surges can wear down your electronics and your electrical system? Surges can occur in an unprotected home every single time you turn a high-energy appliance on or off, to say nothing of external problems sending larger surges through your lines.

You can protect your more delicate electronics with surge protectors, as you no doubt do for desktop computers, televisions, and game consoles. Often surge protectors are only used for the extra sockets, with little thought about protection. But these devices aren’t always as well-constructed as they should be, and they only protect the devices plugged into them; your home's electrical system and every device not plugged into a protector is still at risk. To protect everything in your home, including the wiring in the walls, you need something more: a whole-home surge protection system from Cranney Home Services.

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Whole-Home Surge Protection

A whole-home surge protector mounts on your electric meter or electrical panel—the box with your breakers—to monitor voltage. If a spike occurs, the device can regulate the voltage before allowing it into your home, protecting your wiring and everything attached downstream.

This allows you to protect every electrical component in your house attached to your electrical panel, including the outlets themselves, light fixtures, phone lines, and other hardwired items. If you’re really cautious, you can still use independent surge protectors to completely safeguard your highest-value or more sensitive electronics, as this will protect against surges that might occur within your home due to poorly constructed appliances or electrical accidents.

To find out more about how whole-home surge protection works, reach out to us online or dial 978-750-6900.

Benefits of Surge Protection

Wondering why you should care this much about surge protection? Here are a few key benefits:

  • An extended life span of electronics and wiring. Your pricey electronic devices and the wiring of your home both degrade over time—surge protection slows that process, meaning you’ll need replacements less often.
  • Electrical fire prevention. Surges aren’t just a risk factor for your electronic toys, as they can lead to disaster by sparking a house fire.
  • Minimized repairs. Repairing hardwired components of your electrical system which have been damaged by surges can get expensive. Avoiding these repairs will save you money in the long term.

Signs You Need Surge Protection

Not convinced you really need whole-home surge protection? Consider whether these signs of frequent surges sound familiar:

  • Breakers flip frequently. If your circuit breakers trip oddly often, it can be in direct response to power surges—even if those surges don’t have the more overt signs of something like a lightning strike.
  • Damaged outlets. Signs of char or discoloration around your outlets, or even along walls where wires run? This is a sign of serious electrical issues, overheating caused by surges, or other wiring problems.
  • Flickering lights. Any number of things can cause flickering lights, but most of them point to electrical problems—and many electrical problems start with unmanaged surges.

Whole-Home Surge Protection in North Shore

Keeping your home safe from natural disasters, accidents, and poor electrical infrastructure will always be a sound investment. By working with the team at Cranney Home Services, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home, its occupants, and your electronic devices are all protected by a premium surge protection solution. Cranney Home Services has served the North Shore for over 35 years, and we take special care to always prioritize customer satisfaction in every interaction.

Ready to find out more about whole-home surge protection for your home in the North Shore area? Pick up your phone and dial 978-850-6900, or send us a message online to get started.

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