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Garbage Disposal Repair in the Beverly, MA Area

You probably don’t think much about your garbage disposal, right up until the moment it stops working and you’re left with a messy, stinking kitchen sink. Don't worry when your garbage disposal stops working, shows signs of a developing problem, or starts underperforming. The team at Cranney Home Services is waiting to receive your call and get to work fixing your garbage disposal issue.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal is built to last, but every mechanical device has its limitations — and depending on how you’ve been using yours, it might be meeting those limitations much sooner than expected. Regardless of whether old age, an accident, or misuse has lead to you needing garbage disposal repair, don’t worry. The team at Cranney Home Services can be there in no time to diagnose your problem and implement a fast, thorough solution.

If repairs aren’t enough in the long term, don’t worry — the team at Cranney Home Services will let you know so you can make an informed decision to replace, remove, or go ahead with a temporary repair.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement & Installation

Looking to install a new garbage disposal in a sink that doesn’t have one or need to replace an aging model with something newer? Our experienced team can quickly help you choose the right model for your needs, preferences, and budget, remove your old disposal if necessary, and install your new unit according to best practices and manufacturer instructions, so you can be sure it’ll run correctly.

We’ll also help you understand how to care for your disposal and keep it in good condition, so it’ll run for years without repairs or replacements.

To schedule garbage disposal installation or ask about garbage disposal replacement, call 978-750-6900 or contact Cranney Home Services online!

What Not To Put In the Garbage Disposal

If you want to keep your garbage disposal from needing the attention of a professional plumber, you need to be careful with what you put down it. While a disposal may take anything you throw at first, certain foods and substances will cause clogs, stuck blades, and excessive wear over time. Try not to grind:

  • Grease, oils, and similar substances
  • Materials that will absorb water or grind into a pulp, like starches or wood
  • Fibrous foods, which will end up as tough threads twined around your blades
  • Hard food items, such as peach pits and bones
  • Large amounts of meat or skin

As a more general rule, if you think it might be sticky or swell up, be safe and throw it in the trash instead.

Experiencing a garbage disposal issue and need repair services from Cranney Home Services? Give us a call at 978-750-6900!

Schedule Garbage Disposal Services in the North Shore

If your garbage disposal problem isn’t something you can solve on your own, the team at Cranney Home Services awaits your call. We’ve served the North Shore for over 35 years, provide same-day services, and always take care to be respectful of you and your home.

Call Cranney Home Services at 978-750-6900 or contact us online to schedule garbage disposal services.

Garbage Disposal FAQs

What type of garbage disposal do I need?

When choosing a garbage disposal, you need to think of the capacity based on the number of people in your home, determining how much food waste you have. For a one- to two-person home, a one-third or one-half horsepower model will work. For a three- to six-person home, you will want between one-half and three-fourths horsepower. For a house larger than that, opt for a one-horsepower model. 

Why is my garbage disposal leaking?

A leaking garbage disposal can have many causes. The most common cause is a damaged internal seal within the unit itself. Over time, the seals in the disposal will wear out, and you will be left with a leaky system. A professional plumber can help you stop the leak.

Can a garbage disposal and dishwasher be on the same circuit?

Putting the garbage disposal and dishwasher on the same circuit is not ideal, but it is possible to have a 20-amp circuit. You must be sure that the amperage of the appliances does not overwhelm the circuit if they run at the same time. If you install a garbage disposal or a dishwasher, talk to a qualified electrician to ensure the process is done well. If you can, install them on separate circuits to prevent problems.

Will a garbage disposal trip a GFCI?

Yes, a garbage disposal can trip a GFCI outlet. However, it's not necessarily a fact that it will always do so. For this to happen, the disposal must have a leak that is getting to the outlet or an electrical short. Both are not very likely. Also, the disposal must run through a GFCI. This is not a building code requirement, so you can choose to wire your disposal a different way to prevent this risk.

Are garbage disposal blades supposed to spin?

Technically speaking, modern garbage disposals don’t have blades. Instead, they have impellers that move the food around, but they are not considered blades. They should, however, spin freely. This allows them to fling food against the sides of the disposal to help chop it up. If they are not turning freely, you need to loosen them with the help of a plumber to ensure the disposal works appropriately.

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