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Leak Detection & Repair in the North Shore

Serving Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Lynn & Surrounding Areas

A leaking drain is one of the worst plumbing problems that a homeowner must deal with, which is why it’s so important to call Cranney as soon as possible when any dampness is detected in your house. A leaking drain leaks water that can contain a variety of bacteria or waste that can cause further damage to your house. This leak can occur at any point in your home’s drainage system. From behind a wall to below the floors, and when it happens, it can cause water damage and compromise the hygiene of your home. Let our leak detection and repair specialists help get your home back to the way it should be.

With any leak service call that Cranney receives, we guarantee:

  • Quick detection
  • Accurate water damage assessment
  • Prevention of further water damage via repair or replacement
  • A safe and clean environment throughout the process and when we leave
Homeowners can count on Cranney for top-notch leak detection and repair. We know how important it is to act quickly once you suspect you have a leaking drain. Our radio-dispatched service experts respond quickly and utilize top-notch home service technology to determine where the leak is and fix it. We use a variety of the industry’s latest technology to ensure that we provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve in your home.
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Schedule Your Service Today
Depending on the severity of the leak, we will inform you of your options. Sometimes we can quickly fix the leak with pipelining or pipe bursting- both very non-invasive techniques. In other cases, we might have to expose the drain in order to repair it, as well as allow the surrounding area to dry out and disinfect. The plumbing experts at Cranney use top-grade material to ensure 100% customer satisfaction on any plumbing job we perform. We’ve been in the home service business for more than 30 years, so we know how to keep your home and family safe while providing you with service that will last. We provide service 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to give Cranney a call at any signs of leaks!

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