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Burst or Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can easily burst and when that happens, severe damage could be done to your home. New England residents are no stranger to below freezing temperatures throughout the winter months. Quick and sudden drops in temperature combined with poor pipe insulation can result in frozen water pipes. Call Cranney and avoid frozen and burst pipes this winter!

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Here are some tips that every homeowner should follow to prepare their home for the winter months.
  • Locate the shut off valve – Every homeowner and the occupants of their home should know where the shut-off valve is located. If there is an emergency like the bursting of a pipe, the valve should be shut off to cut off the water flow. If there is a special tool that is needed to open and close the valve, it should be located in a central place that is easily accessible.
  • Increase water heater temperature – As temperatures drop so do the temperatures of water heaters in homes. Increasing the temperature of water heaters by a few degrees will keep water hot during the coldest of days.
  • Insulate pipes – Insulating pipes that are exposed to the outside or in areas like basements and garages will safeguard them from the elements and help prevent freezing.
  • Run water – In cases of extreme cold run water from every valve to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Stop the flow of outside air – Check for incoming air in attics and crawl spaces and seal them with heat tape.
  • Clear the snow – Remove any snow that collects in areas around water drains
  • Disconnect hoses and drains – Disconnect garden hoses before the winter months begin.
  • Keep Cranney’s number handy – In any case of frozen or burst piping emergency, have our number close by and we’ll dispatch a truck ASAP to get things fixed.
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Pipes and fixtures should be examined by a professional plumbing service at least once a year to check for leaks and to ensure that valves are intact. Other common-sense measures that homeowners can take to ensure that they stay free and clear of plumbing disasters include keeping drains clear of hair grease, and other debris by using an enzyme drain maintenance cleaner at least once a month. With any Cranney job, we offer a thoroughly detailed quote before work starts, meaning no surprises or additional fees when work is completed! We are only interested in the safety of your home and family, so our plumbing experts will always thoroughly clean up after themselves and show complete respect to your home. We’re ready to go 7 days a week so give Cranney a call immediately when you need any frozen or burst pipe services!

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