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HVAC Tax Rebates & Energy Tax Credits for 2022

One of the challenges many homeowners face when looking to become more energy-efficient is the cost. That’s why the state of M

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Furnace Pilot Light Guide

If your gas furnace was made before 2010, it's likely to use a pilot light. This essential component of your furnace may seem

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Preventing Frozen Pipes: Winter Storm Plumbing & Electrical Tips

As outside temperatures start to plummet in Massachusetts and the North Shore, so

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Smells Coming from the Garbage Disposal?

When you pour that first cup of coffee, the last thing you want is to be hit with a foul smell coming from your kitchen

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall & Winter

Fall and winter, particularly on the North Shore, take a toll on nearly everything, especially our homes. And your plumbing is

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Why Does My Sewer Line Keep Backing Up?

All homeowners can agree that a sewer line backup is the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, not only do sewer backups happen,

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What's the Ideal Thermostat Setting for a North Shore Summer?

Ultimately, the “ideal” summer thermostat setting is the one where everyone in the

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DIY Drain Cleaning & Why It's a Bad Idea

Clogged and slow drains are a nuisance that every homeowner faces at some point. Many people’s first thought is a liquid drain

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Why Is My Floor Drain Clogged or Backed Up?

A backed-up floor drain can be a real headache, but it can happen more often than one might think. A common assumption when a

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