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Why Convert From Oil to Gas Heating?

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When colder weather hits, your heating system must be reliable, efficient, and affordable to operate. If you’re still using a heating system that’s powered by heating oil, switching to natural gas could lower your heating costs significantly, not to mention eliminate unpleasant odors and mess within your home. The professionals at Cranney Home Services can thoroughly explain the ins and outs of the transition process and the many benefits of making the switch.

Oil vs. Gas Heating

Most modern homes are built with heating systems that run on natural gas — it’s usually older homes that still rely on heating oil. Of course, homes that are in particularly isolated areas may also use heating oil where the infrastructure for natural gas isn’t available. Although oil-powered systems are often more powerful, they come with high costs in terms of both expenses and upkeep.

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Benefits of Heating With Natural Gas

When compared to heating systems powered with oil, homeowners and business owners see the following benefits from natural gas:

  • Cheaper fuel costs with less fluctuation in prices
  • Fuel piped directly to your property without the need for delivery or storage
  • Cleaner, easier heating system maintenance
  • Highly efficient and reliable fuel source
  • Considered better for the environment

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The Cost of Converting From Oil to Gas

The actual costs of installing a new gas heating system will depend on your home’s size and heating needs. However, after paying for the initial installation, homeowners will see immediate cost savings in their monthly heating costs while also gaining square footage back in their home now that they no longer need an oil storage tank. Additionally, you may be eligible for local or federal tax incentives for making the switch.

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Choose Cranney Home Services for Your Heating Needs

Cranney Home Services is here for all your heating needs in the North Shore area, including heating repairs, installations, and maintenance. Whether you have a boiler, furnace, or heat pump, we have the solutions you need. 

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