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Switches and Outlets installation is vital to your home or office’s performance. There should always be the correct amount that you need, placed in a convenient location for easy access. Often times, there either aren’t enough outlets, or they’re inappropriately installed. When this occurs, you need an electrician you can trust for a new switch and outlet installation.


Cranney will take the time to assess your home or business’ energy usage needs, and make a recommendation for outlets and switches to install the safest, most efficient setup. By installing new outlets, you’ll reduce the chance of overloading circuits and promote efficient energy consumption.


To keep up with changing technology, it’s important that your outlets and switches are up to date. Not only can they deteriorate from time and usage, but sometimes they can fall behind today’s growing need for energy capacity. A replacement outlet from JDV may be the solution you need to keep up with the times.

Some situations that call for replacement:

  • Two-pronged receptacles
  • Failure to meet building codes/standards
  • Corroded parts and frayed wiring
  • Non-GFCI outlets in bathrooms
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Switches and Outlets Needing Repair

Sometimes, a faulty outlet is in need of some simple repairs. This is often a cost-effective solution to better efficiency and safety.

  • “Backstabbed” wiring
  • Loose or disconnected wiring
  • Bent or loose panels or receptacles
  • Unresponsive switches or outlets

While outlets and switches are often simple enough to understand, they should always be serviced by a licensed and experienced professional. This will reduce the risk of electrocution, fire, flawed installation, and building code violation. When you want a certified and knowledgeable electrician, look to Cranney for all of your switch and outlet installation needs.


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