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Your lighting drastically affects the feel of your home. Are your lights too bright, too dim, or flickering constantly? Do you wish you had more outdoor lighting, less overhead lighting, or softer lighting? All of these considerations help to make you feel comfortable in your home, and to avoid the headaches that (quite literally) can be caused by lighting that doesn’t fit your needs. At Cranney Home Services, our expert electricians can help you achieve the lighting that best suits your needs and creates an atmosphere that you want to come home to.

Do you want the perfect indoor and outdoor lighting for your home? Call us at 978-750-6900 or contact us online for lighting repair & installation in the North Shore.

Indoor Lighting Installation

Whether you want to change the lighting in a single room, replace a light fixture, or completely overhaul your home’s lighting aesthetic, our electricians are available to safely install all your new lighting. We can also advise you as you make choices to help your home’s lighting match your desired look and feel.

Lighting style options can include:

  • Recessed lights
  • Accent lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling Fan lights
  • Track lights

At Cranney Home Services, we will evaluate your current indoor lighting, listen to your goals, and develop solutions to make your lighting exactly what you want it to be. We’ll then install your new lighting safely, expertly completing all necessary rewiring.

Count on Cranney Home Services to light up your life – at least inside your home! Call us at 978-750-6900 or contact us online for indoor lighting installation in the Salem, MA, area.

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Outdoor Lighting Installation

Insufficient outdoor lighting can make your home appear dark, uninhabited, and uninviting — not to mention the added ordeal of stumbling through the dark to take out your trash! Adding some motion-activated floodlights can increase your home security for when you’re asleep or away. But there’s more artistry to outdoor lighting than throwing up a few floodlights — lighting can also be incorporated into your landscaping to create pleasant outdoor areas for parties, family dinners, and date nights. Cranney Home Services can help you choose the perfect blend of style and security to create an outdoor space that’s both safe and enjoyable.

The possibilities with outdoor lighting are endless:

  • Illuminate walkways and stairs for safe and pleasant walking
  • Light up decks and patios for after-dark lounging
  • Illuminate pools for safe nighttime swimming
  • Accent your home’s architecture to make it even more beautiful after dark
  • Create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining

That’s just the beginning! To see what outdoor lighting can do for your home in the Beverly, MA, area, call Cranney Home Services at 978-750-6900 or contact us online.

Common Residential Lighting Problems

With over 40 years of experience in residential lighting and electrical systems, we’ve seen and resolved every lighting problem there is. When you call Cranney Home Services for lighting repair, we’ll look not only at the lights that are having issues, but also at your electrical system to identify and fix all potential factors.

Below are the most common home lighting problems we see:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent lightbulb burnouts
  • Lighting fixtures get too hot
  • Circuit breaker trips frequently
  • Lights not working, even with new bulbs
  • Lights go dim when an appliance is turned on

These issues can be difficult to troubleshoot, since they may be caused by the light itself or by a larger problem with your home’s wiring. Call in the experts at Cranney Home Services to get to the root of these lighting problems and secure safe, permanent solutions.

Are you experiencing any of these common lighting problems? Trust Cranney Home Services for quick lighting repair in the Danvers, MA, area. Give us a call at 978-750-6900 or contact us online today!

Choose Cranney Home Services for Perfect Home Lighting

For over 40 years, Cranney Home Services has been providing superior electrical and lighting solutions to homes across the North Shore. We draw on that experience and expertise to help our customers create the perfect lighting for their homes. Our qualified electricians work with safety as their highest goal, so you’ll never get a bad or unsafe wiring job from us. Whatever your indoor or outdoor lighting needs are, we can help you fulfill them!

Experience the Cranney Difference with indoor and outdoor lighting that makes your home safe, inviting, and pleasant. For lighting repair and installation, call us at 978-750-6900 or contact us online today!

Lighting FAQs

Why are the lights in my home flickering?

Most commonly, flickering lights are caused by a loose bulb, a bulb that's not the correct type, a loose light plug, a faulty light or fixture switch, or a voltage drop caused when an appliance is turned on and pulls large amounts of current. Rarely, flickering lights are a sign of a more serious electrical issue, such as a loose circuit connection, which can grow hot enough to start a fire. You should have an electrician inspect your lights to rule out or fix safety hazards.

Why do my lightbulbs keep burning out early?

There are several reasons why your lightbulbs could be burning out too frequently. It could be a simple problem, such as the bulb being loose, or excessive vibrations in your home breaking the filaments in the bulbs. It could be a more serious issue, such as loose wiring or an issue with your electrical system that causes it to supply too much voltage to the light.

How can I improve my indoor lighting?

Try to maximize natural light by keeping your windows clean and opening blinds and curtains during the day. You can also add reflective surfaces to help bounce light around rooms (mirrors, shiny floors, metallic finishes). Try to have at least three sources of light in each room: overhead lighting, localized lighting (table and floor lamps), and ambient lighting (recessed lighting, track lighting, sconces, etc.).

Can outdoor lights turn off automatically in the day?

Yes, most outdoor lights are set up to turn themselves off in the day to save energy. This can be achieved with a timer, which lets you set them to turn on and off on a specific schedule. Some lights also have light sensors, so they won’t come on when it’s light outside.

I don’t like overhead or pendant lighting, but I don’t want to use floor and table lamps. How can I light a room without overhead lighting?

There are a few options for hardwired lighting that is not directly overhead in a room. You can install wall sconces to light your room from the sides, or recessed lighting can be installed in different spots on your ceiling for a more gentle light. Another option is track lighting, which allows you to point the lights different directions instead of straight down.

Questions about home lighting? The friendly experts at Cranney Home Services would love to help. Call us at 978-750-6900 or contact us online today!

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