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Boiler Maintenance Services in Northshore & Greater Boston

Gas, water, electric and combination boilers all need maintenance performed by a professional on a regular basis in order to ensure energy-efficiency and effectiveness. By having maintenance work done once a year, you can be assured that your boiler will work at peak performance, and minor issues will be addressed before they become major problems. Cranney Home Services technicians are familiar with all makes and models of boilers, and have been providing boiler maintenance services in the Northshore and Greater Boston areas for more than 40 years.

Improving Efficiency through Maintenance in Northshore/Greater Boston

Boilers that are not properly maintained can suffer performance-wise, leading to higher energy bills due to wasted energy. You could potentially save 10 percent on your bills – hundreds of dollars per year – through having minor adjustments performed on your boiler system.

Monitoring Critical Controls in Northshore/Greater Boston

Your safety valves and water gauge glass are two of the most important components of your boiler system that need to be checked regularly. Your safety valves, as the name would indicate, are your boiler’s most important safety feature because it alleviates pressure if all other systems fail. Every steam and hot-water boiler must have at least one valve that provides sufficient relieving capacity in order to meet or exceed maximum boiler output.

If the water gauge glass is not properly cleaned and maintained, it will seem to show an appropriate water level when the boiler is actually low on water.

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Maintenance Services We Provide in Northshore/Greater Boston

Boilers have unique maintenance needs. For example, oil-fired boilers need to be inspected more frequently than other types. At Cranney Home Services, our maintenance services include:

  • Making sure the gauges are accurate
  • Checking the pressure of your expansion tank
  • Making sure all safety devices (pressure relief valves, pressure and temperature controls, low water-sensing devices, etc.) are functioning properly
  • Checking the fuel system for leaks, controls and proper operation
  • Checking the combustion system for signs of overheating and exhaust leaks
  • Checking the heating system for zone balancing, uneven heating and leaks
  • Making sure the circulator pump runs quietly
  • Making sure the water inside the system is clean


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At Cranney Home Services, our technicians will arrive on time and will perform all work to code with top grade material, assuring your family and home’s safety. Work is done efficiently and upon completion, all jobs are followed by a thorough clean up, and complete respect is given to your home. Our radio-dispatched trucks are stocked with a wide selection of repair items, tools, and emergency equipment enabling us to provide same-day service seven days a week. Get in touch with us if you would like to schedule a service appointment.

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