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3 Signs You Have Clogged Pipes in Amesbury, MA


It’s a problem that every homeowner has had to deal with at some point or another: pesky clogs keeping your plumbing from working as it should. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to tell whether the problem is isolated or not. For example, if just one of your pipes is clogged, that’s something that can be solved fairly easily. If you’ve got multiple pipes backed up, though, or your main line has a problem, things can get a little trickier. If you’re struggling with water backing up or draining slowly at your home, read on. Here are three signs you have clogged pipes in Amesbury, MA, along with information on what those clogs could be and how you might fix them.

  1. Multiple lines are backed up: This one’s fairly simple to test. Flush your toilets, then run the water in your bathtubs and/or showers. If all three fixtures make a burbling sound while water backs up into them, you’ve definitely got a main sewer line problem. This should be addressed by a professional, so get on the phone with a plumber as soon as you possibly can.
  1. Water is taking a long time to drain away: This commonly happens in sinks, showers and bathtubs after a buildup of debris becomes too large in the pipe. If you’re taking a shower and suddenly find yourself standing in a pool of water while your drain catches up, or you can’t do the dishes without water filling up the sink, then it might be time to take a snake to the pipes. Most of the time, these are simple clogs that can be cleared away easily enough.
  1. You can smell sewer gas odors: Drains normally have a trap for water that keeps harmful sewer gas from coming into your home. If you get a whiff of the rotting stench anyway, it’s probably because you’ve got a blocked vent that’s making the pressure too high and draining the water out. Call a plumber to have this addressed as soon as you can, because sewer gases — beyond being unpleasant to smell — are absolutely unsafe to breathe in.

Don’t wait to address clogs in your home — they’re one of those issues that can quickly get so much worse. If you’re really struggling to tackle one of them on your own, though, or need someone to investigate, call Cranney Home Services. They’re a trusted plumbing specialist in known for their speed and efficiency. Other homeowners trust them to help with clogged pipes in Amesbury, MA — see why by calling today.

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