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Sewer Line Services in Melrose, MA

Your sewer line is probably the last thing you think about. Unfortunately, there may come a time when something happens with it, and you need to contact a professional. The good news is that Cranney Home Services has you covered with unmatched sewer services, so you can stop worrying about your sewer once and for all.

Need to schedule drain or sewer service in Melrose, MA? Call (978) 750-6900 to speak with one of our technicians today.

Quality Drain Clearing Services

Have you recently noticed that your drains are no longer working correctly? Then you likely have a clogged sewer at your residence. Addressing and resolving your sewer issue as soon as possible is critical to prevent damage to your home and additional frustration.

At Cranney Home Services, we take every clog seriously in Melrose. Our team will use a specialized camera to inspect the drain line and determine the next steps for repair. In most cases, hydro jetting effectively removes the clog, though our technicians may implement other sewer and drain clearing methods to resolve the issue entirely.

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Sewer Line Repairs & Relining Services in Melrose

Some sewer line problems can be more challenging than others, especially with a main line. Our technicians may even consider excavation if it's the only way to access the sewer main on your property. Remember that we'll exhaust all other sewer line repair options before moving forward with main line excavation.

We aim to get your sewer line back on track at Cranney Home Services. That's why we offer sewer main line services and repairs, main line clog removal, and sewage ejector pumps. We're also happy to discuss trenchless pipe relining if you want a more non-invasive, cost-effective solution for your sewer line.

Learn more about sewer line repairs and relining options in Melrose, MA, by contacting Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900.

Signs You Have Sewer Line Issues

Here are three common signs of a sewer line issue in Melrose:

  • Slow-moving drains: Buildup, paper waste, and tree root infiltration are all routine culprits of slow drains.
  • Sewage backup in the shower or tub: Given the hazardous risks associated with sewage backups, it's best to call a professional once you notice a blockage in your home.
  • Multiple drainage issues: Gunk and construction debris can cause sewer line problems in different parts of your residence.

Don't delay sewer line repair in Melrose, MA. Call (978) 750-6900 to schedule service with Cranney Home Services.

Why Choose Cranney Home Services?

Cranney Home Services is a family-owned and -operated business serving the North Shore since 1982. We're known for our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services and for providing a five-star experience to our customers day in, day out. With us, one call does it all!

Put your sewer concerns to rest with Cranney Home Services in Melrose, MA. Contact our team at (978) 750-6900 to get started today!

Sewer Line Service FAQs

How can I maintain my sewer system?

Schedule an annual drain cleaning with a professional. You should also avoid putting anything unnecessary in your drains, such as grease, cooking oil, or commercial-grade products with caustic chemicals.

What's the life span of a sewer line?

Depending on the pipe material, most of today's sewer lines last 50 to 100 years. If you live in an older home or are considering buying an older home, you may need to plan for sewer line replacement.

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