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How to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter


With October and fall weather here, it’s time to switch out our AC for our furnaces or boilers. As we get our heat set up, we also have to consider how we’ll put away our AC. An AC consists of an outdoor condenser as well as an indoor unit, and both need some care before the winter weather arrives. To ensure your AC will work next summer, you need to know how to properly shut it down. At Cranney Home Services, we can teach you how to protect your AC from New England snowstorms.

Here’s how you shut down your AC for the winter:

Finish your repairs

Before you start shutting down the AC, you should make sure it doesn’t need any repairs. Take a look at the indoor unit and the outdoor condenser to make sure they aren’t damaged. It’s never a good idea to let AC damage linger over the winter. Leaving that damage alone can cause it to become even worse when spring rolls around.

Turn off the condenser

You might think you have to turn off the indoor unit, but the condenser needs to be disconnected from power, as well. If not, a sudden warm spell could cause it to turn itself on and suck in ice and snow. To shut it off, look for the AC unit’s breaker switch and shut it off. It’s often found on the side of your house or under a flip-up lid nearby the condenser. Don’t forget about this switch, because it needs to be turned on again when you want to use the AC.

Clean up the condenser

Before finishing your work with the condenser, you should clean it up. First, take a broom and use it to sweep away any debris nearby or on the condenser. Next, you should take a hose and lightly wash the outside cabinet. As it dries, double-check the condenser’s seals to ensure they’re tight and replace the filter if need be. If the seals aren’t tight or you notice any other damage, let us know next time you call us.

Cover it up

Finally, take a water-proof cover and cover the condenser when it dries up. You can find one along with the bungee ropes needed to secure it at your local hardware store. If you don’t have a cover, a water-proof tarp will work as long as it completely covers the condenser.

Why call Cranney to fix up my AC before the winter?

Cranney Home Services has over forty years of experience in home and business service contractingWe are committed to providing a superior standard in residential services in plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical that has not been available in this area until now!  We take pride in providing the best service to our customers and ensuring they’re 100% satisfied before we leave. Our certified technicians will ensure your system is up to code and will keep your family comfortable for years to come. Call Cranney today to learn more about preparing your home for the winter!

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