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6 Reasons to Get Boiler Maintenance in Danvers


Cranny has been a big help to homeowners who are preparing for the winter. Whether they’re shutting down their AC or getting their furnace fixed up, we’ve provided what you need. Now, it’s time to help the boiler owners get their heat working. Boilers, like furnaces, can get worn down after months of inactivity, and your boiler needs to work its best during the New England winters. By getting boiler maintenance for your Danvers home, you can avoid freezing in your home this winter.

Here are six reasons you should call a professional to help you with boiler maintenance in your Danvers home.

Lower energy costs

Boilers use lots of energy to heat your home and are second only to HVAC systems in terms of energy usage. However, regular maintenance can help you keep down your boiler’s energy consumption. Regular boiler maintenance can reduce your energy bills by about 10%.

Maintain a valid warranty

Boiler manufacturers often have warranty stipulations they expect their customers to follow. A common stipulation you’ll see is to give your boiler regular maintenance from a professional. Keeping your warranty valid by following the stipulations can help you save money on an emergency repair or replacement.

Protect yourself and your home

Running a boiler provides heat for your home, but it also creates deadly carbon monoxide. For this reason, boilers feature exhaust pipes that safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, run-down boilers can have damaged exhaust pipes, which can let carbon monoxide into your home. Also, it’s important to keep your boiler healthy so it doesn’t explode.

Stick to local safety laws

Poorly-kept boilers can be very dangerous for the homeowners that are supposed to keep them working. That’s why there are often local laws that require you to have licensed professionals fix up your boiler. Following these laws will not only keep your boiler healthy, but it’ll also save you from having to pay fines.

Improve the boiler’s energy efficiency and reliability

Boilers are complex machines and can wear down over years of use. Our boiler maintenance will ensure all of your boiler’s parts are in working order. Getting regular boiler maintenance can help make your boiler less likely to break down and use less energy, saving you money.

Extend your boiler’s life

Boilers can get expensive, so you want yours to last as long as possible. Our regular boiler maintenance visits can help you get the most out of your boiler and extend its lifespan. On average, a well-kept boiler can last ten to fifteen years.

Why call Cranney to keep my boiler in top condition?

Cranney Home Services has over forty years of experience in home and business service contractingWe are committed to providing a superior standard in residential services in plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical that has not been available in this area until now!  We take pride in providing the best service to our customers and ensuring they’re 100% satisfied before we leave. Our certified technicians will ensure your system is up to code and will keep your family comfortable for years to come. Call Cranney today to learn more about keeping your home warm this winter!

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