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Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Ductless Splits

Ductless splits are an addition to your home that you may want to consider. Ductless split systems are air conditioning systems that are small and affordable; they are called “splits” because they have an outdoor system as well as an indoor one. Ductless splits are ideal for any home or building. Because they are designed to cool smaller areas, they are ideal for additions, garages, and sections of the home or building that are frequently used.  Cranney is ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and keep you cool with a ductless split installation.

How Ductless Splits Work

Ductless splits are ready to install and minimally invasive. To cool designated areas in your home or business, they are simply mounted or suspended to a wall or ceiling in your home that has outdoor access. Ductless splits are comprised of two major parts; the indoor and outdoor sections. Indoors is where you will find the wall mount, and outdoors is where the compressor will be placed. The two are connected through a small hole in the wall. They’re a perfect cooling method for downsizing, additions, or buildings that have one roof but different requirements.

Advantages of Split Systems

  • Size: Ductless splits are small and are adjusted to fit on your wall. There will be no bulky components that are in the way or take up precious floor space.
  • Flexibility: Ductless splits can be placed in almost any room or space that can be connected to the outdoors. They are a perfect solution for cooling sections of the home or building with high traffic or frequent use. They can be placed on walls, ceilings, and can be suspended.
  • Easy Installation: Most models only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall of your choice. This is to connect the indoor and outdoor components and is minimally invasive. The necessary hole is typically three inches or less in diameter.
  • Energy Efficiency: Because ductless splits are small and are typically used to cool smaller areas, you will be using less energy. Central air conditioning cools an entire home or building, which typically goes to waste in areas that aren’t used like spare bedrooms or attics.

The Cranney air conditioning experts will always guarantee a job that is on time and up to code. We offer excellent customer service and upfront pricing.

We’re ready to provide you and your home or business with the air conditioning service that you need, so call Cranney today!

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