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6 Benefits of a Standby Generator Installation


Have you ever lost power during a storm? During a power outage, wouldn’t it be convenient if your electricity simply kicked right back on? A standby generator does just that – it turns on within seconds to provide power to your home in the event of an outage. As spring storms move through the North Shore, you’ll want to know your electricity will be there even in the worst weather. Here are the benefits of a standby generator installation: 

Benefits of a Standby Generator Installation

  • Instant power. One of the best perks of a standby generator is that it instantly generates power when there’s a power outage. Instant power generation not only ensures that your important appliances run without interruption, but that it greatly reduces the risk of harmful power surges that can either damage your sensitive electronics or even start a fire.
  • It keeps appliances running. Some appliances, such as your refrigerator, need to be running constantly. While the food inside your fridge can stay cool, the clock starts ticking as soon as the power goes off. A standby generator spares you the grief of tossing out an entire fridge full of food. A standby generator is also a must have for households that use medical equipment or work from home.
  • Protection against basement flooding. On top of protecting your plumbing, a standby generator also ensures that other important appliances do their job. Your sump pump needs electricity to run, and it’s designed to remove any excess water outside your basement. Having a backup source of power like a standby generator ensures you won’t have a swimming pool in your basement.
  • You save money. No electricity can make your home miserable to live in, especially during the spring and summer months. While it may be expensive to install a standby generator for your home, having one does save you the cost of staying at a hotel each time the power goes out.
  • No tripping over extension cords. Unlike a portable generator which can only generate enough power for a handful of appliances, a standby generator powers everything in your home. Instead of carefully picking what to power and tripping over extension cords, a standby generator is wired directly into your home’s electrical system and generates power immediately after a power outage.
  • It protects your electronics. Not only does a standby generator protect your home from power surges whenever a power outage happens, it also protects your electronics from power surges that can happen when the power comes back on. While power surges are a common occurrence and most can be relatively harmless, power surges caused by major power outages are more likely to damage your electronics. A standby generator protects your electronics by waiting until the voltage is stabilized before the generator transfers power generation back to the utility line.

How Cranney Can Help 

Here in New England, we’re certainly familiar with severe weather! From blizzards to spring nor’easters with raging winds, it’s important for your homes power to continue running smoothly. Cranney has been in the power generator business for over 40 years and is committed to providing its customers with reliable backup power in the case of an emergency. From installation to maintenance, we’ve got you covered! 

Call Cranney Home Services today to schedule your generator installation! 

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