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3 Reasons Why You Need Furnace Maintenance in Danvers


Winter in Massachusetts can be tough on residents and their homes. An annual furnace inspection will ensure the warmth of your family; prolong the life of your furnace and save money on your winter heating bills. Old or new, there are advantages to having your furnace inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. Not only will it save money, but it will preserve your furnace through Danvers winters for years to come.

Avoid costly repair, prolong the life of your furnace and avoid potential health hazards with these precautionary measures. During a typical furnace maintenance inspection, our professional technicians will examine your furnace for major problems, minor repairs and conduct routine upkeep. This will guarantee all the elements of your furnace work together to heat your home safely and dependably.

  • Furnace Maintenance Prevents Carbon Monoxide Leaks: When the heating element in your furnace cracks, carbon monoxide can leach into your home. Often called the silent killer, carbon monoxide is dangerous because it’s odorless, colorless and potentially lethal. For your family’s safety and protection, this is probably the single most important reason to have your furnace professionally inspected and maintained. In addition, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home as an added safety measure. Furnace inspections can reveal a carbon monoxide leak and prevent the health hazards related to them. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is safe is invaluable.
  • Furnace Maintenance Increases The Efficiency Of Your Furnace: Dust and dirt collect on all the moving parts of the burners and heat exchangers that make your furnace work. Too much accumulated dust and dirt makes your furnace work harder than it needs to simply to maintain the preferred warmth in your home. During the inspection of your furnace, our professional team will clean the moving parts, and ensure they’re in good working order so your furnace is running at its most efficient. This saves money on your energy bills, Improves energy efficiency and maintains furnace safety.
  • Furnace Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty Valid And Reduces Costly Repairs: Check the manufacturer warranty that came with your furnace. It may actually require an annual inspection and regular maintenance. If you contact the manufacturer with a warranty/repair issue, they could potentially require annual service and routine maintenance records. Worse yet, without them your warranty may not be valid – meaning costly repairs come right out of your own pocket. In the event of an unexpected and costly emergency, you want the security of knowing your furnace repair or replacement costs are covered under your warranty. If your manufacturer’s warranty stipulates annual inspections, call us today!

Furnace maintenance reduces unanticipated repairs, prevents breakdowns in the Danvers winter when you do NOT want to be without heat, and keeps your furnace running smoothly and efficiently. Routine furnace maintenance and inspections do two important things. First and foremost, it keeps your family safe. Second, it saves you money in the short-term and in the long run. So keep your air filters clean and your furnace in good working order for the remainder of the Danvers winter by calling Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900 anytime, day or night.

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