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Ask an Electrician in Salem, MA: Why Should You Invest in Surge Protection?


When you hear about surge protection, you probably envision a strip of outlets that allows you to turn one outlet into six. Well, if you ask an electrician in Salem, MA surge protection is about something way more important and way more complicated. Surge protectors are available for individual devices and can be bought at any electronics store. But there is also whole home surge protection that your local electrician should help with and is a great defense against voltage spikes. These spikes occur due to improper wiring (another thing your Salem electrician can help with) and natural occurrences like lightning strikes. When your home’s electrical system has a surge, it can leave your devices and the very structure of your home at risk. Lightning strikes are unpredictable and unavoidable, and bad wiring is hard for you to detect without an electrician, so it is best to take any precautions.

Here are some of the key reasons to invest in a surge protector in the North Shore to protect electronics during this high-risk season as the storms starting rolling into Massachusetts this spring. Surge protection is the only way to be sure you’re protecting your house from these dangers of voltage spikes.

  • Can damage electronic gadgets: Most of your information, hard work, and photographed memories live on hard drives these days. Most devices like laptops can have a threshold of electricity that allows them to endure about 120 volts, but voltage surges can exceed that and ruin your favorite electronic devices, including computers, televisions and gaming consoles.
  • Can ruin essential devices in the home: When people think about what is plugged into their house’s electricity, they tend only to consider the things they actively plug in on a regular basis. It is important to remember than surge protection also defends appliances like your refrigerator, air conditioning and washing machine.
  • Can cause house fires: A great number of house fires are electrical fires caused by overloading circuits and extending the voltage capacity of those circuits. By protecting against and checking voltage spikes, a surge protector can protect your home from overloaded circuits and decrease the risk of electrical fire.

Keeping your family, home and essential belongings safe should be the top priority, and proper surge protection in Salem, MA can help you do that. We plug more electronics into our homes than ever before, so whole house surge protection is more necessary than ever before. Call the expert electricians at Cranney Home services today so that we can help you keep your home safe. Call Cranney today!

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