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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Peabody, MA


The time has come again where the Cranney Home Services team brings you along on another job! This time made our way over to Peabody for a ductless mini-split installation. After receiving a call, Cranney assigned the job out to a team of talented HVAC technicians. The team quickly made their way over to this Peabody home to begin the project. 

The Ductless Mini-Split Installation Process

The Cranney techs assessed the job site area and began planning their process. They decided where they would place the unit and where they would install it inside the home. After configuring the steps they got to work. They chose to install a Bosch system on the rear side of this Peabody home. Next, the Cranney experts placed the mini-split system on a stand so it’s completely elevated off the ground and will cause little to no damage to the grass. It’s all about the details with Cranney Home Services! Additionally, the line set connections for electrical were placed in a weather proof protector directly to the right of the unit. Going up the side of the house, the team installed the pipe duct that leads up to the AC unit on the inside of the home.

Take a closer look at the new unit with one of our Cranney techs!

After the Ductless Mini-Split Installation

After the installation was complete, the Cranney team finished off this Peabody Ductless Mini-split install with an installation inspection. This ensures that the install was done correctly and the system functioned properly. With a Ductless Mini-Split system every room in your home will be a consistent temperature, providing you cool days and nights. It is more efficient and provides drastic improved air quality over window units and/or fans. They are durable, reliable, and last season after season, providing you lower energy bills and endless comfort. Check out a recent blog post by Cranney to learn more about the benefits of installing a central AC system in your home here.


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