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Choosing Between Home Air Conditioning Systems


Ductless or Central Air Conditioning? Choosing the right system for your home.


Whether you have recently moved into a new home or have been in the same home for a number of years, installing an air conditioning system can be a great investment for your home and for the comfort of your family. Every home is unique in its own way and many people do not know that different kinds of air conditioning systems exist that will better suit your home compared to other options. This blog will clear up any confusion you and your family may have about the various air conditioning systems and will guide you to choose the one most suitable for your home.

The two most common types of air conditioning systems are central air systems and ductless systems. Each have qualities that make one more economical and efficient based on the type, age and floor plan of your home. Keep reading for more information about these two popular options!

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems


Ductless air conditioning systems are a great option for many homeowners as they have a lot of adaptable qualities that make them very useful for a number of situations.

Ductless AC systems work similar to a central air system with respects to the fact that there is a condensing unit on the outside of your home however, as the name infers, there are no ducts needed. Only a small three inch diameter pipe is needed from the outdoor condenser to the indoor unit that is virtually unnoticeable on the side of your home. One ductless unit can provide air to an individual room in the home. With this being said, depending on the size of the condenser that is installed, up to six ductless units can be powered off of one condenser which translates to six zones of cooling in your home!

One reason that these systems can be a great upgrade from a traditional window AC unit is that they are quieter, more efficient, have substantially less generated air loss, and are a permanent fixture therefore they do not have to be removed between seasons.

Another reason that homeowners will invest in this system is if their home has just had an addition. If the home already has an existing air system, it can sometimes be a challenge to modify it to function in the new area of the home. A ductless system can be installed almost anywhere in the home and can be easily adapted to an existing system.

Yet another reason some homeowners choose to go with a ductless system is because they can function as a heat pump as well. With this option, you can not only cool your house in the summer but also provide supplemental heat in the winter so that your existing heating system doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Central Air Conditioning Systems


Central air conditioning systems are the often the best way to cool your home for a number of reasons. For some homes, central air is not an option as it might be an older home that does not have room for the ductwork that is necessary for one of these systems. Most newer homes can handle the ductwork if there is not some already in place for a central heating systems.

One reason that people go with central cooling systems is because each room in the home will have at least one vent on the floor or ceiling depending upon how large the room is. With this being said, the entire house will have circulated cool air leaving no zones untouched as other systems can do.

Along with providing a fantastic distribution of cool air throughout the house, unlike window air conditioning units, central air provides unbeatable air filtration giving your family not only refreshing cool air, but also clean air to breathe and live in.

Another advantage to central air systems is that they are very quiet. Having the condenser unit outside the home allows for an almost unnoticeable cooling experience as the air flows quietly through the ducts in your home. Also allowing for a clean appearance outside your home.

Which is the best option for your home?

After reading about characteristics of both ductless systems and central air cooling systems, you may have a better knowledge about which systems is best for your home. Before you choose however, it is important to get a professional’s opinion. Here at Cranney Home Services, one of our comfort advisors will come to your home and make their own assessment about which system would be the right fit for you and your family. This is a FREE estimate! Call Cranney today at (978) 750-6900!

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