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Circuit Breaker Warning Signs


Replacing your circuit breaker can be a worthwhile investment in keeping your home in good shape. It’s always important to avoid any potential dangers when it comes to your electrical system. Having updated appliances can go a long way to ensure that you and your family are safe from any potential electrical harm. Sometimes our appliances are overlooked, especially when it comes to circuit breakers because they are trapped in an area we don’t necessarily visit often in our home. However, if you notice these warning signs when it comes to your electricity, then it may be time to replace your circuit breaker.

What Does Cranney Home Services Know About a Circuit Breaker?

When it comes to your electrical bill Cranney Home Services just wants to save you money and time. Your home is obviously valuable, so everyone needs to be able to keep its quality up to ensure that their family is safe especially when it comes to electricity. Here at Cranney Home Services, we believe high-quality performance is the only performance and that great customer service should always be executed. With our experienced and well-trained electricians, we know how to solve the most difficult tasks that you might throw our way. And when it comes to helpful tips, all we want is to give you more knowledge on your electrical appliances and your circuit breaker. So, trust us to do the job because our company has lasted for over 40 years for a reason.

Damage to Essential Lights & Appliances

The first sign to notice when you’re looking around your home is when a circuit breaker fails to control the flow of electricity. You may notice your bulbs are constantly burning out or a microwave that barely lasts past its one year warranty. Overheating can occur from poor control of electricity, causing lasting damage to coils and computer boards.

Poor Performance from Appliances

Another sign to look for is the performance of your electrical appliances. Your stove might bake unevenly too often or never seem to reach its proper temperature. How frustrating is that? The dryer might also shut off mid-cycle and you ultimately be convinced that all your kitchen appliances need to be replaced. Inconsistent performance can be so tough to deal with, but it might not be your appliances that are causing the problem. Your circuit breaker might need to be replaced, so look out for this to make sure you’re not continuing to waste cash on new appliances you don’t need.

Flickering Lights

Not only is it annoying when your appliances aren’t living up to expectations, but its especially annoying when your home is dealing with flickering lights. When your lights are raising and lowering constantly that could be another sign of a poor circuit breaker. Don’t just live with flickering lights and instead get your circuit breaker replaced.

Burning Smell in the Electrical Panel

If you smell a type of burning scent from the panel, then that means the wires and insulation of your electrical system are overheated. This isn’t something you can just ignore because your panel is failing to protect your home from an electrical short elsewhere. Don’t wait around and shut off the main power to your home immediately. Call an electrician right after for emergency service before it is too late.

Physical Damage

Are you noticing any scorch marks around your circuit breaker? If so, then that’s another reason to replace it. If you noticed scorch marks around any outlets or appliances, then it may be due to melted wires. This means your electrical panel and circuit breakers require immediate service because a melted wire is one step away from going up in flames are destroying your home. Call for an emergency electrician and unplug all fixtures from that circuit breaker.

Tripping Breakers

When too much power is being drawn from your circuit breaker, it will start to trip. If your circuit breaker decides it wants to trip every time you turn on an electrical appliance like your microwave or even your vacuum cleaner, the circuit breaker might be worn out and ready to die. Have an electrician come in and determine if it is simply a bad breaker or if you need to add a new circuit to your home.

Old Age

Each circuit breaker is designed to last for decades. But if your electrical panel hasn’t been serviced in the last ten years, there’s a good chance that yours is ready to fail. Have an electrician inspect the panel because you want that circuit breaker to last and maintain its power.

Don’t neglect your circuit breaker and learn the warning signs of a potential failing one—call Cranney Home Services for all things electric!

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