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5 Features of Our Annual Boiler Maintenance in Boston


Boiler maintenance in Boston is necessary if you want to keep your heating system running throughout the fall and winter. Last winter proved to be one of the harshest winters on record, and many North Shore residents were left scrambling to find any heating source they could muster to keep themselves warm. Part of ensuring your warmth during the fall and winter in Boston is maintaining your heating system, so you can avoid experiencing breakdowns and other issues. Last winter was a nightmare and if you want to avoid experiencing it again, then boiler maintenance should be atop the list of things to do!

Cranney Home Services recommends you call us up for annual boiler maintenance in Boston. Our heating experts can provide you with a close inspection of your boiler to iron any kinks that could grow even worse without professional attention. We’ll then consult with you on any works that needs to be done to ensure your boiler is working to the best of its abilities. When it comes to annual boiler maintenance, we’re the best in Beantown!

What Can You Expect From Boiler Maintenance in Boston?

Boiler maintenance should be held annually to keep your boiler working all year long, but what can we exactly do for you? Here are 5 features to our amazing boiler maintenance in Boston:

  1. Check for Leaks: Your boiler is reliant on hot water that it can turn into steam to provide heat. However, leaks can occur that can leave you unable to experience your boiler’s full heating potential. Leaks can also waste plenty of water if not treated immediately by a professional during a maintenance check.
  2. Ensure 100% Safety: When your boiler malfunctions, it can put the health and safety of all members of your household at risk. Our heating experts can make sure the safety features of your boiler, such as pressure release valves and temperature controls, are ready to keep you safe and secure.
  3. Ensure Clean Water: While the water in your boiler can be turned into steam to produce heat, the water needs to be clean. We can test your water’s supply to make sure it is not contaminated with any pollutants that can hinder your indoor air quality and make it harmful to breathe in your own home.
  4. Check Tank Pressure: It’s important to make sure the pressure in your boiler’s expansion tank remains at a steady level, or else its overall performance can suffer. Allow the professionals at Cranney Home Services to check the tank to see if it’s too low.
  5. Check the Combustion System: The combustion system in your boiler may suffer from issues like overheating and leaks. A professional from Cranney Home Services can check your combustion system and apply various methods to keep it from overheating and bring any further danger.

Contact Cranney Home Services today for annual boiler maintenance in Boston! You can experience these 5 features and more!

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