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Our Heating and Cooling Technicians, Plumbers and Electricians are licensed, uniformed and professional. They respect your home and your property. They go as far as to put on booties before entering your home and roll out a protective carpet as well. The diagnostic or dispatch fee that we charge allows our professionals to carefully evaluate your problem and/or inspect your systems so they can provide you with a flat rate price to do the work you’ve requested. Once you approve that price and all that it includes, Cranney Companies will complete the requested work for you.

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Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater is a central plumbing appliance in your home. When you start to notice that your water isn’t heating properly or that the warm water from your faucets is coming out dirty, it’s time for some maintenance and repairs.

A reconstructed water heater will:

  • Conserve energy, water & money
  • Improve efficiency
  • Lower water system operational costs
  • Reduce potential for contamination
  • Increase its life expectancy

These advantages will allow you to live a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle in your home! Not a bad addition to having your hot water functioning again is it?! Cranney technicians strive to keep you safe during every time of year, no matter the conditions or time of day. That why we’ve compiled a little list of  common things to look for when deciding whether your water heater is in need of repairs:

  • Age: As a rule of thumb, you should always check the date of your hot water heater to ensure it’s not beyond its years. An old hot water heater can leak and cause damage to your home. It’s much better to have maintenance done on your hot water heater than to wait for something bad to happen.
  • Noisy Tank: If you are hearing some type of unusual noise coming from your water heater than it’s probably time to get it replaced. When a water heater gets old it builds up layers of residue that harden and this residue then begins bouncing around the water tank, thus producing a noise. The hardened build-up will keep causing damage to your tank and it can also cause your water heater to work at a slower rate.
  • Rusty Water: If you notice rust coming out in your water then it may be time to get that water heater checked! Rusty water can mean one of two things either your pipes are rusting or your hot water heater needs to be replaced.
  • Change in Temperature: A rather obvious sign, but sometimes one that is overlooked, is if you notice a change in the temperature of your water. Really cold water or really hot water could signal a problem with your hot water heater or some of the components of your unit.

Cranney has been in the home service business for over 30 years. We’ve lasted this long by guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction while being on time and up to code for every job performed.

We’re here for you 7 days a weel so never hesitate to call Cranney for your water heater maintenance and repairs!

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