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Generator Repair

Whether we installed your generator, or someone else did, Cranney is here to fix it. During a routine generator repair from Cranney, we want you to be comfortable and confident during the process.

Here is what you can expect when you schedule generator repair from us:

  • Oil Change-Regardless of how often you may need to use your generator, an oil change should be performed every few months. Most generators run on natural gas so they are able to keep working during a power outage. Despite what it runs on, the engine and inner workings of the machine will typically require oil to work properly. Changing the oil of a generator is similar to changing the oil of a car; it improves function. Oil can build up and clog over time.
  • Refueling-If your generator runs on gas, this step won’t apply to you because the gas is sourced from an outside pipe. If your generator runs on propane or diesel, then it will need regular refueling. Switching out the fuel will prevent it from going bad or causing problems down the line.
  • Electrical Check-During generator repair, a Cranney professional will check all of the electrical components to make sure that they are working properly and efficiently. They will also locate any faults or flaws, and repair them.
  • Air Filter-If your generator has been used, there is a good chance that the air filter may need to be replaced. Similar to the air filters in a car, they keep dirt, dust, hair, and debris from entering your generator. If the air filter is worn or dirty, these materials can build up and cause mechanical problems.
  • Spark Plugs-Your generator’s spark plugs should be replaced every three years at the most. Because they are responsible for switching the generator on when it is needed, they are vital to its function. A Cranney professional will inspect your spark plugs and alert you if they need to be replaced.
Schedule Your Service Today
Schedule Your Service Today

The Cranney generator experts will always guarantee repairs that are done on time and are up to code. We offer excellent customer service and upfront pricing. We’re ready to provide you and your home or business with the generator repair service that you need, so call Cranney today!

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