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Benefits of a Home Filtration System Installation


Do you want the convenience of having filtered, clean, pure water in your very own home? Nowadays, home filtration systems are growing increasingly common. To keep you safe and healthy, clean water is necessary for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. Unfortunately, there are still potential contaminants found in water that is untreated through a filtration system. If your home doesn’t currently have one, it would be a wise investment for your health, as well as increasing your home value. When a home filtration system is installed, the owner can rest assured that every drop of water that comes into the house is clean and safe. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the backyard sprinkler, the water will always be safe enough to drink.

Benefits of a Home Filtration Installment 

Having a home filtration system can improve your health and comfort. There are a number of dangerous elements that are removed if water is filtered, including the following: 

  • Arsenic: Tap water can contain dangerous levels of arsenic, a powerful carcinogenic. This has been linked to an increased risk of the development of several types of cancer.
  • Aluminum: Municipal water that is unfiltered can lead to an increased consumption of aluminum, a metal that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, hyperactivity, learning disabilities in children, skin problems, liver disease and more.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is commonly associated with improving oral health, but it can actually cause a wide range of problems. Weakened immune system and cellular damage that accelerates aging is a possible side effect of fluoride.

A home filtration system will give you peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe. Cooking and bathing water quality will increase as well!

Types of Water Filters

There are a few types of water filters available for purchase and installation in your home. Depending on your home and specific needs and requirements, you should choose from the following:

  • Activated Carbon: It is a fairly common type of water filter installed under the kitchen sink. Carbon filters are used to remove parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals that are present in water.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This type of filter is incredibly popular mainly because it has the ability to remove all sorts of contaminants that can be a danger to your health, as well as making sure the end result is clear and odor free.
  • UV Filters: Takes water purification to a high level, by use of an ultraviolet lamp to kill germs within the water. Typically, it will destroy about 99.9% of germs found in the water.

After your home filtration system installation, you may notice the difference immediately. Taste, smell, and quality are all improved when your water is filtered. Not only will you be safer and healthier, but you will have peace of mind knowing that your water quality is the best that it can be. 

Cranney Home Services is ready to help protect your water supply. Call us today to schedule your home filtration system installation! 

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