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Sewer & Drain Services in Arlington, MA

Your sewer line is constantly exposed to grime and sediment, so it requires more maintenance than you might think. Still, most lines are hidden beneath layers of concrete, so you need a professional with the right technology. Cranney Home Services uses the industry’s most innovative equipment, so you’re assured of a swift, damage-free repair.

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Our Sewer Line Services in Arlington

Cranney Home Services offers a comprehensive range of sewer services. Our 40 years in the industry have given us the skill to deal with the most challenging problems. We handle:

  • Main line blockages

  • Root intrusions

  • High-pressure water jetting

  • Blocked branch lines

  • Slow drains

  • Sewer line clearing and cleaning.

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Camera Inspections in Arlington

Severe blockages usually originate in underground pipes. Before, that meant digging through concrete and soil to locate the source of the problem. Cranney Home Services does things a little differently. We use a sewer video camera to examine the inside of your pipes. This way, we can locate the problem more precisely than ever before.

Call (978) 750-6900 to schedule a video camera inspection, or check out our blog to learn more about the benefits of camera inspections!

Arlington Hydro Jetting Services

Mechanical tools like drain snakes can damage your pipes and push your blockage deeper into your drain line. Hydro jetting is a potent way to remove obstructions without destroying your infrastructure. This technique can reach deep into your system, even around tight corners, and it doesn’t rely on harsh corrosives.

Sewer Main Installation & Repair

You’ll benefit from your sewer installation for the rest of your life, so the quality of your plumbing team matters. Cranney Home Services installs water mains, main water service lines, and more. Our technicians drive fully stocked trucks, so they have everything they need to complete a repair quickly. When you’re in a bind, we’re the company to call.

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Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repairs or Replacements

Faulty sewer lines don’t always produce obvious symptoms. Gurgling, fixture blockages, and rising toilet water lines are all signs of a problem. You might have a blockage if:

  • Your toilet and bath backup at the same time.

  • You see signs of pooling in the garden.

  • There’s trapped air in your plumbing fixtures.

  • Your washing machine is backing up into your shower.

  • You've spotted a new infestation. 

  • You've noticed an odorous scent in your yard.

If you’ve spotted any of these worrying signs, call our team at (978) 750-6900 for sewer line repair or replacement!

Why Choose Us?

Cranney Home Services is a Gold Nexstar residential service provider. That membership has given us the resources to develop exceptional methodologies. Our efficiency is only matched by our service excellence. We believe that great service originates from great values, so we operate with integrity and transparency. Our emergency response and flat-rate pricing assure you of the utmost convenience.

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Why does my sewer line keep backing up?

Frequent blockages can be caused by pipe sagging or overloads, but bad drain habits are the most common cause. Never throw oil or large objects into your toilets and sinks.

Can heavy rain cause sewage backup?

Sudden downpours and snowmelt often cause backups when they push debris into the sewer system. This can cause a basement overflow, so it’s best to order a repair as soon as possible.

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