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Heating System Resolutions You Need to Make This Year


Your heating system shouldn’t just be ignored as you’re celebrating the New Year. After all, here on the North Shore, some of the coldest, snowiest weather starts up right after New Year’s Day. The worst way to start your 2017 would be to experience a heating system breakdown because you simply pay enough attention. Before that happens, you need to do what anyone else would with the onset of a new year: make resolutions. You may not see the point in making them but for your heating system, it can mean all the difference in terms of your home comfort this season.

If not, you may face a wide range of problems that will make this winter one of your most stressful to date. These problems may include: higher spending on energy costs due to poor system efficiency, frequent system breakdown, shortened system lifespan, and malfunctioning electrical connections due to the outdated wiring. Worse, your heating system may eventually prove to be a giant safety hazard, heightening the chances of a home heating fire and exposure to harmful gasses like carbon monoxide. You may even need to spend thousands of dollars replacing the furnace altogether. Before any of these problems threaten to ruin your season, it’s important to take a proactive stance in taking care of your heating needs before January 1 comes rolling around.

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Why You Need to Call Cranney Home Services

If you want to ensure your heating system is ready to go for the season ahead, please call Cranney Home Services immediately. Even if you’re only finding a few minor issues with your heating system, it is nonetheless important to give our phones a ring for an inspection. Our team of heating contractors can give your system the close inspection it needs so any smaller, hard-to-find issues are detected and fixed. Having an effective heating system is one thing, but it’s entirely another to have a heating system working efficiently and looking out for your safety. That’s why we’re more than willing to provide high-quality installation, repair, replacement, and more to ensure you have heating that keeps your family comfortable and looks out for their well-being. Thanks to our heating service, you can greater savings on energy and service bills due to your system’s improved system capabilities. You will also avoid the risk of furnace replacement in the near future, guaranteeing you save thousands of dollars in the process. Best of all, when we’re in the midst of a wicked Nor’easter, you will have a steady flow of heat to keep you comfortable through all of it.

6 Heating System Resolutions You Need to Make Right Now

In addition to our incredibly helpful services, you should start making those resolutions now before the season takes a turn for the cold and frigid. While no two sets of heating system resolutions will be the same, they should generally include the following:

  • I will call for an annual furnace tune-up: You should make the call to Cranney Home Services for an annual furnace tune-up once a year, right before the winter begins. Since the details of a tune-up will differ depending on the company, feel free to ask us what ours will entail. All tune-ups generally include the following services: checking the system for leaks, analyzing combustion gasses, checking the seal at the blower access door, inspecting the heat exchanger, changing furnace filters, etc.
  • I will install a programmable thermostat: Still living with an old, standard thermostat? If so, why not change things for the better? You should upgrade to a programmable thermostat, which will give you greater control over the climate in your home. You will be able to save so much more money on heating bills, especially when you’re not heating up your home more than necessary.
  • I will inspect my home for air leaks: Air leaks is one of the most common causes of heating loss in homes during the winter. If you have yet to do so, inspect your home where air leaks may be present, like attics and basements. If leaks are identified, please consult with a contractor at Cranney Home Services to determine your next move.
  • I will change my furnace filters: This may seem like an obvious one to you, but you may be surprised to learn that there are several homeowners who don’t stay on top of changing their furnace filters. Filters can become clogged with dirt and debris, which blocks airflow and damages system efficiency. Get into the habit of changing the filters regularly, usually once pear month to prevent this situation.
  • I will establish a safe distance from my heating system: Always keep a safe distance away from your heating system, even if just by a few feet. Make sure the surrounding area is kept clear of any belongings, especially if those belongings are flammable. All it would take is one spark from the furnace to create a huge fire.
  • I will upgrade my heating technology: You may need to seek furnace replacement if your current heating system isn’t working quite as well as it once did. Fortunately, there are several newer models on the market today guaranteeing improved system efficiency and lifespan. Please ask your contractor about replacing the old with the new, so you continue to experience a steady flow of heat in your home.
  • Enjoy The Comfort Of Your Home All Winter Long – Schedule Any Services Necessary To Keep Your Heating System Working Its Best

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