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Winters and falls in the North Shore can be cold and harsh. That's why Reading homeowners have to be sure their heating systems are always in good shape. When you need a heating system repaired, replaced, or tuned up, Cranney Home Services is ready to help. With more than 35 years of experience, our team has the qualifications and customer service skills that let you know your Reading home is in good hands.

To schedule heating services in Reading, give Cranney Home Services a call at (978) 750-6900 or reach us online.

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Reading Heating Repairs — Furnaces, Boilers & Heat Pumps

A malfunctioning heat pump, boiler, or furnace is a major inconvenience that can leave you shivering in your own home. Luckily, the expert team at Cranney Home Services is equipped with the skills and experience necessary to find the problem and fix it efficiently. There are several signs that you should call Cranney Home Services for heating repair, including:

  • Cold air blowing from the vents
  • No airflow from the vents
  • Continuous on-off cycling in furnace or heat pump
  • Leaking radiator or boiler
  • Cold spots, drafts, or uneven heating

Whatever the issue, if it’s fixable, we’ll do it right the first time. Our heating repair services in Reading cover:

  • Furnaces: Our HVAC experts can repair any problem with your gas furnace or electric furnace. We adhere to strict quality control standards and can repair a malfunctioning gas ignitor, seized blower motors, worn-out switches and breakers, and more.  
  • Heat pumps: Our certified HVAC technicians can repair malfunctioning thermostats, tripped breakers, broken reversing valves, malfunctioning compressors, and more. We maintain a comprehensive parts inventory and can quickly restore your heat pump to operation.
  • Boilers: We can permanently fix leaks, remove sediment from clogged storage tanks, replace a malfunctioning thermocouple, repair damaged condensate pipes, remove sludge from radiator pipes, and more.  

Call Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900 or start a conversation online!

Heating Installations & Replacements in Reading

When your heating system starts to act up, you’ll notice it through colder indoor temperatures and a heating bill that keeps going up as your system works harder to lesser effect. If your system is on the older end, it’s often more economical to replace it rather than repair it. We carry and install a variety of systems, including:

  • Furnaces: We will perform a thorough load calculation and install an appropriately sized gas or electric furnace in your Reading, PA, home. We will prepare the installation site, ensure all components are properly connected, and test the system when the installation is complete. We adhere to all applicable building and safety codes with every installation we perform.
  • Heat pumps: Our certified HVAC specialists in Reading can install air or ground source heat pumps. We will bore all necessary holes and ensure that the indoor and outdoor units are properly connected and that all components are properly secured and tested to ensure optimal system performance.  
  • Boilers: Our NATE-certified technicians will select the ideal location for installation and ensure that all water pipes, ventilation, electrical, and gas connections are secured. 

If it’s time to bring in a new heating system, you can trust Cranney Home Services with your heating installation and replacement

Preventative Heating Maintenance & Tune-Up Services

The best way for homeowners in Reading to make sure their heating system is up to the challenge of winter is to ensure it receives the proper maintenance. Annual maintenance will extend the life span of your heating system and make sure it’s operating at optimal efficiency. It also allows our technicians to spot any minor problems before they snowball into the need for a significant repair. Our Cranney Value Plan even offers preventative maintenance at a discount. 

We proudly provide tune-up and maintenance for the following heating systems in Reading: 

  • Furnaces: Our fully licensed, insured, and highly trained HVAC technicians can examine thermostat settings, clean the blower motor and air ducts, test fan function, replace air filters, tighten electrical and gas connections, repair furnace ducts, and perform all tasks necessary to ensure the safe operation of your gas furnace or electric furnace.
  • Heat pumps: Each of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians in Reading can ensure you have the appropriate refrigerant charge, repair duct leaks, change air filters, test blower motor function, clean indoor and outdoor coils, and complete all necessary maintenance tasks to ensure safe, warranty-compliant system function.
  • Boilers: We will inspect and clean the burner, confirm gasket integrity, test system valves, calibrate operating controls, confirm flue and ventilation systems are free of obstructions, verify insulation integrity, flush the tank, and complete all boiler maintenance tasks recommended by the manufacturer.

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Whenever heating issues arise, Cranney Home Services is here to solve your problems. Make the most of your Reading heating system by calling Cranney Home Services at (978) 750-6900 or contacting us online to schedule maintenance, repairs, or installations today.

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