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Generator Installation in the North Shore

In the North Shore, we are at the risk of severe weather that can leave us without power for hours or days. Often the only time home or business owners think about the power flowing to their home is when there is a problem that interrupts that power. Smart home and business owners may be wondering about backup generators and if a generator will work well for your needs. Cranney has been in the power generator business for over 40 years and is committed to providing its customers with reliable backup power in the case of an emergency. Our generator installation will keep your home or business in power when the grid goes down.

What Is A Back-Up Power Generator?

A backup power generator is a unit that is permanently installed on the outside of your home. This unit works off your home’s natural power source, whether it’s natural gas or propane. Your backup power generator does not run unless your home experiences a loss of power. All of our units have a monitoring system that will automatically switch the generator on as soon as power is lost. Once power is restored the system will turn the generator off.
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Why Shouldn’t I Use A Gas Generator From The Hardware Store?

While you may see a rash of gas generators going on sale around hurricane season, you should carefully consider the other thing that is prevalent during hurricane season, deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. When you run a gas-powered generator that has not been properly set up, you run the risk of poisoning your family. Generators that are available at your local hardware store are also not nearly as efficient as one from Cranney, which will make sure that your homes most relied on appliances work. Even our smallest model will keep your food cold and operate a few lights while still keeping your family safe.

How Does Generator Installation Work?

When you call, we will come out to evaluate your home and the needs you have for power in the event of a weather or electric emergency. Once we have customized a plan to you home and you approve it, we will pull all of the necessary permits. We will come out and install the system with as little interruption to your life as possible. Once the generator is installed it will be tested by the installer and then again by your salesperson. We will also make sure you are comfortable with your system before we leave. Our fully-equipped trucks are prepared for dispatch 7 days a week, so call Cranney today to get your new generator.
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