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When and Why to Get Rewiring in Danvers


Studies show that each year, faulty wiring causes about 51,000 fires. As houses get older, the wiring inside the house gets weaker and more worn, eventually leading to serious issues. In order to prevent these issues, you’ll have to give your home a complete rewiring to replace the older wiring with fresh wires. But how do you know when it’s time to rewire? And what other benefits can you expect from rewiring? Cranney Home Services can tell you all about rewiring in Danvers.

Here are six signs you should schedule a rewiring in Danvers:

Discolored or charred outlets and switches

If you notice your outlets and switches have changed colors somewhat, it might be a bad sign. When there are loose connections in your outlets or switches, arcing and sparking may result in small fires. These fires can cause outlets and switches to get discolored from charring. If you don’t see anything odd about your outlets and switches, the issue is likely with the wiring in the walls.

Burning smell

Have you noticed a constant burning smell and can’t identify the source? That might be a major sign of faulty wiring. You’ll want to turn off the power at the circuit and immediately call a technician. Not doing so can result in an electrical fire.

Lighting issues

If the lights in your home are flickering, it might just be a loose or bad bulb. On the other hand, if every light is flickering, then it’s the wiring that’s the problem. Additionally, if bulbs are burning out in their sockets despite being the right model, the fixture can’t handle the bulb’s wattage. That’s also a sign of a problem that can be solved through rewiring.

Aluminum wiring

An estimated 2 million homes between 1965 and 1973 were built with aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, aluminum wiring connections are more likely to fail, overheat, and start fires. If you see the letters ‘AL’ on your wiring’s jacket, that means it aluminum and needs to go.

Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers are made to cut off the flow of electricity when it exceeds the number of amps it can handle. This helps protect your home from electrical fires. If your system is worn out or can’t handle the electricity usage in your home, a fuse will blow or the circuit breaker will trip. If this happens, bad wiring may be the culprit. Of course, there are other reasons your fuses can blow or your circuit breaker trips, such as faulty or overheating appliances. If you’re unsure, use a circuit breaker tester to make sure everything works fine.

Cord-based electrical shocks

Have you gotten an electrical shock when plugging or unplugging an appliance? That’s also a possible sign of faulty wiring. These shocks can be very dangerous, and you should call Cranney immediately if you experience one.

The benefits of rewiring

One of the biggest benefits of rewiring your home is safety, unsurprisingly. However, there are other benefits for going through with a rewiring:

  • Increased electrical capability
  • Be certain of your home’s wiring’s lifespan
  • Safe home extensions
  • Cheaper home insurance
  • Increased home resale value

Why should I trust Cranney to rewire my home?

Since 1986, Cranney Home Services has been helping homeowners around Danver, MA with their home service issues. We pride ourselves on offering straight and upfront pricing for any job we do, so you won’t be hit by surprise expenses. In addition, our highly trained technicians will make sure to clean up any messes and debris created from our work. If you need someone who can do a rewiring in Danvers, call up Cranney Home Services@

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