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Water Purification For Your Home



If you were outside, you wouldn’t drink water that has dirt or other debris in it would you? Well you shouldn’t in your home either! Unfiltered tap water that you normally get out of your sink can contain these harmful contaminants which can not only harm your home’s plumbing, water heater, and washing machine, but more importantly can harm you and your family.

A water purification system is just the appliance you need to have the peace of mind that your family is drinking the cleanest water possible and won’t be affected by the harmful contaminants that can exist in the water entering your home.

Choosing The Right Water Filtration System

So, how do you find the water filtration system that is right for your home? Well, every home across the country will experience different contaminants present in the water that is entering their home. With this being said, different water filtration systems might be better than others for your home in particular.

To find out what contaminants might be running through your water, you will need to acquire a water quality report from your local water/sewer department. Once you find out what these contaminants are, you will be able to better identify which water filtration system is best for your home.

There are two major types of water filtration systems. The first is called a point of use system or (POU) for short. This system is put into specific areas like a kitchen faucet or in a bathroom sink. These systems also include most reverse osmosis systems which will reduce both fluoride and nitrate in your water.


The other type of water filtration system is a whole house or a point of entry system also known as a (POE). As the name suggests, this system is most commonly installed near your home’s water meter or water well right as it enters your home so that the filtered water can be plumbed throughout the entire home.


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