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3 Effective Ways to Remove a Sink Clog in Danvers, MA


There are already so many things to deal with around your house, which is why having to deal with the addition of a plumbing problem can be downright infuriating. Something as simple as a clog can prevent you from getting crucial work done, which can make it tempting to ignore it and deal with it later. The truth is, though, that failing to address this kind of issue is only likely to make it even worse in the end — plus, there are plenty of simple things you can do to resolve a clog yourself! Here are three quick and simple tips you can use to remove a sink clog in Danvers, MA.

  1. Use the old “baking soda and vinegar” trick: Pour about a third of a cup of baking soda down the drain, then chase that with about a third of a cup of vinegar. The popping, fizzing response that occurs can help dislodge any of the gunk that’s built up in your drain and get it back to functioning properly. Let it sit for a while, then flush the pipes out with hot water.
  1. Use the “wet” setting on your wet/dry shop vac: A wet/dry shop vacuum is a useful item to have around the house for multiple reasons, not the least of which is its applications in removing pesky sink clogs. Set the vac to its “wet” setting, then use a plunger head to create a seal over the drain. With any luck, the vac will suck up the clog and put your drain back in working order.
  1. Use a drain snake: These can be acquired at any hardware store and don’t require any expertise to use. Push the snake into the drain until you feel resistance, then rotate it until you feel the clog dislodged; afterwards, you can pull it up and test the drain. If things still aren’t going down, send the snake back for another round.

A sink clog in Danvers, MA can be extremely frustrating, but luckily there are many ways that you can handle them yourself. In the case of more serious clogs that simply won’t go away, though, you should call a professional. Other homeowners trust Cranney Home Services with their plumbing needs, so give them a call today and let them help you get your drains back to peak efficiency.

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