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4 Summertime Tips for Generator Maintenance in Danvers, MA


The summer is officially here! It’s time to make a splash in your pool, catch some rays at the beach, and soak up all that sunshine. But before you throw on a pair of sunglasses and book any outdoor activities, you need to make sure the needs on the inside of your home are met, namely with generator maintenance in Danvers, MA. Yes, while there will be plenty of times to have some fun in the sun this season, you need to make sure your generator is working better than ever to provide you and your family with electrical power.

While the summers here in New England see plenty of heat and sunshine, we’re not immune to intense thunderstorms that threaten to knock out power across the area. The season’s next bout of wind and rain can prevent your lights and appliances from working. However, if you call Cranney Homes Services for generator maintenance in Danvers, MA, you are guaranteed to have a generator ready to protect you at all times. We have a team of electricians who will inspect even the smallest areas of your generator, and make sure any lingering issues are fixed before the season’s worst weather arrives.

Generator Maintenance in Danvers, MA: How Can You Help?

In addition to our services, there a few actions you should take to keep your generator working this summer, including:

  1. Checking for Leaks: A leak of oil, fuel, or coolant in your generator is its way of telling you that it is overheating. Whatever you do in this situation, don’t simply wait to fix it. Allowing leaks to persist is only a waste of gas and will only cause you to spend money on refilling the system. When you first detect the leak, usually found in puddles around the generator, tighten or replace any parts causing the leak.
  2. Inspecting Spark Plugs: Spark plugs should be inspected every 100 hours for damage, oil residue, and carbon buildup. If residue or buildup is indeed found, clean it with a wire brush or spark plug cleaner.
  3. Cleaning Generator Engine: Cleaning the generator engine will remove potentially harmful dirt that will prevent the engine from working at its best. Use an air supply to blow off any dust and use a dampened cloth to wipe off excess dirt and grease. It’s one of those little touches that can make all the difference in how your generator operates.
  4. Calling for Annual Maintenance: It’s important to get generator maintenance in Danvers, MA from Cranney Home Services annually. Our professionals have a close, watchful eye will help point out any problems and get them repaired before they worsen. In addition, our generator repairs durable and will sustain you for a longer period of time.

Contact Cranney Home Services today if you need generator maintenance in Danvers, MA that will keep the power flowing to all your lights and appliances!

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