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3 Reasons to Make Us Your Choice for Generator Installation in Danvers, MA


No summertime in New England is complete without thunderstorms. While we understand there are plenty of people who love a good rain shower at this time of year, the thunderstorms can be intense and threaten to knock out power to all of your lights and appliances. One rumble of thunder and bolt of lightning later, and you may find yourself without any power in your home at all. You need generator installation in Danvers, MA so you can keep the power running not just during this summer, but at any point of the year.

And if you’re looking for a service company who can provide you with the latest make and model of generator, please call Cranney Home Services today. We offer the quickest and most efficient generator installation in Danvers, MA. We won’t waste any time in equipping your home with a generator that has your best interests in mind. Plus, if you’re unsure of what type of generator to install, our licensed, fully-trained electricians are more than willing to consult with you to ensure your home power needs will be met down to the last detail.

Why Should You Call Us for Generator Installation in Danvers, MA?

Don’t settle for second-rate service when your home power is on the line. Call Cranney Home Services for service that can provide you:

  1. Exceptional Home Power: Let’s say you’re on the home computer for work-related responsibilities, but you experience a power outage that prevents you from making any progress. Unfortunate, right? But with our generator installation, you’re guaranteed unlimited power for your computer or really appliance. And best of all, thanks to a working generator, you’ll meet those work deadlines.
  2. Improved Safety: When a power outage strikes your home, it may put the safety of your household at risk, especially if you lost power to any security lights that would otherwise keep intruders away. A generator from Cranney Home Services can provide you with improved safety to keep you and your family away from danger.
  3. Greater Property Value: A home without a generator? That’s all the incentive potential buyers need to stay far, far away from your home. But a home with a generator? You’ll see your home become a positive investment on the market due to improved safety and reliable electrical performance.

Contact Cranney Home Services today if you need generator installation in Danvers, MA that can provide you with unlimited power and your total satisfaction!

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