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8 Furnace Service Myths You Should Avoid


A furnace service is absolutely essential at this time of year if you want to keep your entire family comfortable. With plenty of snow and sleet inevitably making its way to the North Shore quite soon, you need to make sure your heating needs are met before the first snowflake touches the ground. However, while heating should be your number-one concern this season, you shouldn’t let that need get in the way of making sensible decisions with your heating. Truth be told, there is plenty of misinformation out there about your furnace whether it be installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Even believing just one half-truth can leave you in a worse situation than before, potentially leaving you in a position where you will need to seek a furnace replacement much sooner than you realize. In addition to greater spending on installation, you will also spend more on furnace repairs due to unwise heating methods that will result in frequent system breakdowns. With the weather get cooler seemingly by the day, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to call up your local heating company for more advice. For a more comfortable winter, and to make yourself a more knowledgeable homeowner, you should know what “facts” about furnaces you just shouldn’t believe.

How Can Cranney Home Services Help You?

Cranney Home Services should be your first choice if you are indeed looking for help from a local heating company. We have been servicing the North Shore for years and we have a team of experienced heating contractors ready to help you at any moment. Even just believing one piece of misinformation on furnaces won’t only just cost you a winter’s worth of heating, but the entire system altogether. However, once you call up Cranney Home Services for advice, you can instead enjoy a steady flow of highly-efficient and long-lasting heat. In addition, since our contractors will perform heating system installations properly, you will have the right heating system for your home and worry much less about furnace replacement for the foreseeable future. The key to a happier home starts with professional heating service, and you find it any better than you will with us. We’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you continue to live comfortably for the entire winter.

8 Common Furnace Service Myths 

Don’t believe everything you hear about your furnace! Please be aware of these common furnace service myths so you will avoid mistakes in the future:

  1. “You Have Plenty of Time to Find a Furnace” Contrary to popular belief, furnace installation is not a matter of simply throwing any system in your home at any time. If your current furnace isn’t working, please call for service immediately. Installation will require you to take all sorts of things into consideration so don’t wait on it or else it may be much too late and you’ll be stuck in the cold.
  2. “You Should Just Replace Your Furnace with the Same Brand” There is a good chance your heating needs have changed so perhaps the same brand of system wouldn’t cut it anymore. Keep an open mind during replacement and certainly don’t be afraid to switch up the brand you install if necessary.
  3. “Turning up the Thermostat Will Make Your Furnace Work Faster” Your thermostat will ensure you have heat at a temperature most comfortable to you. You may think that turning the thermostat up will make the furnace work faster in providing warm air. However, this will only increase your spending on energy bills and put more stress on the system itself, so it’s best avoided.
  4. “Closing Your Vents Will Reduce Spending on Bills” Some homeowners will go so far as to close their vents to reduce spending on heating bills, but this will only ensure some rooms of your home do not receive heat at all and the furnace will continue to produce heat.
  5. “Cold Spots in Your Home are Normal” Don’t just assume the cold spots in your home are an everyday occurrence.  They could be a sign of a serious problem with your furnace requiring professional attention. Not to mention, it can be incredibly uncomfortable when certain rooms of your home feel more comfortable than ever.
  6. “The Temperature Must Be the Same in Every Room” Even if you need consistent heat in your home, it does not mean the temperature in every room needs to be the same. If anything, this will only waste more heat by giving it to the rooms currently not in use.
  7. “Furnace Size is Irrelevant” You also shouldn’t just assume your home will be able to handle any size of heating system. An improperly sized furnace in your home may lead to frequent system breakdowns and poor system efficiency.
  8. “Install Your Furnace and Move On” No, it’s not just a matter of installing the furnace and forgetting about it. You need to make sure the furnace is properly maintained by a professional annually and you should also give it a check of your home on a regular basis.

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