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Central AC Installation in Boston, MA


Are you on the hunt for a central AC unit before the real summer heat strikes? If so, you’ve chosen a great place to start! Check out the Cranney Home Services team in action during this central AC unit installation in Boston, MA! Follow along as our talented technicians walk you through our step by step AC installation process and show you how we brought the gift of “cool” to this Boston, MA apartment building.

This apartment building was in the market for an AC replacement when they called Cranney Home Services. Their old AC system , a 20 year old Lennox package unit, was no longer cooling. Looking to install a new unit for the summer season, they called Cranney Home Services. After making the appointment, we sent out a strong team of experienced techs to the job site to get started.

During the Installation

The Cranney team began by assessing the old system. They carefully took it apart and removed it and then prepared the area for the new AC system. This Boston family’s old system lasted them 20 years before needing replacement. This further proves how reliable and long lasting central AC systems can be when installed correctly and meticulously. Check out these before photos of the old system. 

Since this is an apartment building, the AC units are located on the rooftop. Using a crane, the team carefully removed the old unit and prepped the area for the new one. The old unit was much bulkier than it needed to be. Located very close to a rooftop deck that residents utilize daily, it was not an ideal spot for a large, old AC unit. The apartment needed something smaller, newer, and much quieter.

Check out one of our team members in action as he further explains the old system. Take a look at just how close it is located to the rooftop deck.

After the Installation

The Cranney team successfully installed the new AC unit on the rooftop of the apartment and secured it into place. Even though it still stands close to the deck, it is quiet and not nearly as bulky and noticeable. Residents will not even notice it while they enjoy their rooftop space. Watch as this Cranney tech explains the new AC unit. You’ll notice how much smaller it is and how much newer it looks. 

The Cranney team polished off this central AC installation in Boston by performing an installation inspection. This ensures that the install was done correctly and the system functioned properly. With a central AC system you won’t have to worry about the hassle of dedicating an entire weekend to inputting those bulky window units. Not only are they tedious to install and remove at the beginning and end of every season, but they also cause inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. With a central AC system every room in your home will be a consistent temperature, providing you cool days and nights. Central air is more efficient and provides drastic improved air quality over window units and/or fans. They are durable, reliable, and last season after season, providing you lower energy bills and endless comfort. Check out a recent blog post by Cranney to learn more about the benefits of installing a central AC system in your home here.


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