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Benefits of Sump Pump Maintenance


Spring rain causes flower to bloom, but it can also cause flooding in your basement. Not only is a flooded basement a major disruption in your home, it can result in costly repairs, damage to belongings, and negatively affect your health with mold and mildew growth. Home and plumbing can only go so far when heavy rains hit, so you should have a sump pump working in the lower levels of your home and ready for an emergency. To make sure that your equipment is ready, call Cranney Home Services. 

Benefits of a Sump Pump 

  • Flood prevention. The most important benefit is reducing your chances of basement flooding! Cleaning up a wet basement is a hassle. Plus, in some cases it can be hazardous. The standing water puts you at risk for electrocution, so cleanup should always be done by a professional.
  • Fewer health risks. Water damage results in the growth of mold and mildew. Not only is it smelly, it can negatively affect your health. If you ever see mold growing, call Cranney. It can grow at a rapid rate and cause breathing related issues throughout your home. 
  • It saves you money. Sump pumps keep you from have to spend your hard earned money on costly repairs. Water damage can severely damage your home, especially your paint, wallpaper, wood, foundation, and sensitive appliances. 
  • Your homes structure is protected. A home without a sump pump can put you at risk of a damaged foundation. Water over time can wear down your foundation, creating cracks and gaps that can flood your basement. A damaged foundation can not only result in costly repairs, it’s an invitation for unwanted pests.
  • It can prevent electrical fires. A sump pump is designed to prevent flooding as well as potential fire hazards. Any electrical appliances in your basement can short-circuit as soon as they come into contact with water, which could potentially start an electrical fire. 
  • It adds home value. If you don’t already have a sump pump in place, you should consider an installation. Not only will it protect your basement during storms, it increases your home property value. 

Why Choose Cranney Home Services? 

Our plumbing experts will always guarantee a job that is on time and up to code. Our radio-dispatched trucks are stocked with top grade material to ensure that we leave your home as comfortable and safe as it could possibly be!

For sump pump repair or replacement this spring, call Cranney Home Services. 

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