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3 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair in Newburyport, MA


Air conditioning failure is such a bad way to start the summer that it’s almost comical. You can hear a laugh track somewhere off in the distance as your system loses its ability to cool your home. Of course air conditioning failure would happen in your home just when the outdoor temperatures begin to steadily increase. And of course you’re suddenly met with one huge burden just as soon as you’re about to relax. But if you really do experience cooling system failure, you need air conditioning repair in Newburyport, MA immediately. It’s not a joke; it’s serious business.

Fortunately, Cranney Home Services is here to provide you with air conditioning repair in Newburyport, MA that guarantees you stay cool this summer. We know air conditioning problems need to be treated seriously, and we serve up seriously great repairs accordingly. Our repair work is durable and long-lasting so you’re guaranteed to have a reliable cooling system in your home that won’t call it quits when you need it the most! Best of all, the scope of our work is wide and varying. We’re bound to have the right repairs for your system!

Air Conditioning Repair in Newburyport, MA: How Can We Help You?

While our technicians can handle any repair thrown their way, we find these are some of the most common types of repair encountered by our team:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: If your air conditioning is leaking refrigerant, do not attempt to handle it by yourself. Refrigerant is hazardous and should instead be treated by a professional at Cranney Home Services who will know the right safety precautions to take. Our technicians can refill the system with the right amount of refrigerant that exactly matches the manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Poor Electrical Connections: The compressor and fan controls of your air conditioning can wear out, especially if your system is oversized. Corrosion of wires and terminals is highly probable, so it’s best to call one of our technicians to inspect electrical connections to ensure they remain tight and reliable.
  3. Clogged Condensate Drains: Condensate drains can become clogged due to a buildup of dirt, debris, or algae. This can result in a leak that can result in water damage in and around your home, which can be expensive to repair. Give our technicians a call for inspection and have them remove the blockage.

Contact Cranney Home Services today if you need air conditioning repair in Newburyport, MA, especially if you are experiencing any of the above issues

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