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AC Tune Ups With Cranney Home Services

Why tune up your AC system?


Rotating your tires or having your oil changed are both basic routine maintenance procedures for your car that you do to prolong the life of your car and make sure that it is running safely.

Well, the same thing applies for your home’s air conditioning system! In order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, there needs to be annual maintenance done to it. Having a tune up on you central air condenser can double the life of your system and even save you up to 15% per month on your energy bills as a result of the system being cleaner and filters having been replaced for example.


Along with increased efficiency comes savings of not having to replace your system after it is only 7 years old but instead 15 years old with proper maintenance. A new air conditioning condenser can cost thousands of dollars but for about 100 dollars a year, (price varies depending upon the system you have) you can more than double the life expectancy of your system at a fraction of the cost if you were not to have routine tune ups.

What does a standard tune up entail?


A standard AC tune up entails a comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils. This directly will increase the efficiency of the system, saving you money. Also, all coolant levels will be checked as well as lubricating all moving parts to ensure peak operating performance. We can also check your thermostat to make sure that it is running at maximum efficiency, not wasting electricity for your home. It is also important to inspect the duct work throughout your home to be sure that there are no blockages or other obstructions.

An AC tune up like this is not a difficult process but will most definitely prevent things from going wrong with your system and will maximize efficiency if tuned up annually for a low cost, compared with having to replace your AC system.

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