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Why an AC Tune-Up Benefits You


A lot of homeowners believe spring cleaning simply means getting rid of old belongings that are piled up through the winter instead of scheduling an AC tune-up. However, we overlook the importance of scheduling an AC tune-up because it has been a while since we really cared about using an AC system. Some people are more concerned with getting rid of old chores or maybe cleaning up all the dust we find throughout our house. And that’s definitely not a bad thing. However, spring cleaning should include HVAC maintenance and contacting a technician to come check your AC system. That way, we can feel more prepared for the heating season when we do decide to really use our ACs. Once the warmer weather hits and summer rolls around, that’s when your AC tune-up will benefit you the most and will run effectively and efficiently.

Why You Need to Call Cranney for an AC Tune-Up

Cranney always strives to bring each and every customer high-quality service. We understand the importance of a tune-up and what it means to keep your HVAC system up to date. Every homeowner should enjoy cool air once the warmer weather hits. And with our expertise throughout our company, we know what will save your money and how to help you as a homeowner so that you’re not throwing money away. A properly running HVAC system is one of the most important assets to your home, especially when you’re trying to handle the warmer weather. Taking care of an AC tune-up ahead of time will not only give you peace of mind but it will also save you more money in the long run. That is why Cranney is always fully prepared and ready, with our experienced technicians, to stop by and help service any of HVAC concerns.

Risks without Having an AC Tune-Up

Think of an AC tune-up like it was an oil change for your car. You wouldn’t keep using your car if you knew it was time for an oil change, would you? The same thought process should go into your AC system. If you ignore you AC system for a long period of time you can put your system at risk. Wasting money on utility bills is never fun but you can expect more of it if you ignore your AC. That is because an old or inefficient AC system is going to work harder and eventually waste you more money, especially if it hasn’t had a tune-up in a long time. And no one wants their AC system to fail by the time they need it the most. That is why a simple AC tune-up can salvage you so much time and resolve these frustrating problems for you.

What Comes with an AC Tune-Up?

There are many methods that go into an AC tune-up since there are many different parts that either needs cleaning or an inspection. Here at Cranney, we cover the full spectrum and make sure everything is running smoothly for your system. To go more into detail, here’s what you can expect during an AC tune-up from Cranney:

  • Clean and lubricate indoor components such as blower fans and coils. This will help the unit run efficiently, keeping your utility bills low.
  • AC refrigerant levels will be checked to ensure your AC is blowing cold air. If the levels are low, then that could indicate a leak in the system.
  • Air filter changed to help the unit run more efficiently. Will also keep dust and allergens down in your home.
  • Electrical connections will be tightened and inspected including the fan blades and motor for any damage.
  • Parts will also be lubricated by the technician if needed and safety devices will be inspected for proper operation.
  • Operation on all HVAC units will be checked to make sure everything is in peak running condition for the respected season.
  • Clean outdoor units, which means leaves, twigs, grass, dirt, etc. is removed that might have added up during the winter months.
  • Thermostats will be tested for proper operation, calibration, and levels to ensure your cooling system is the right temperature.
  • Most air conditioners have a drainage hole on the base of the cabinet. This hole needs to be kept clear, which is also part of an AC tune-up. This will ensure the system continues to work well. The technician will remove any obstructions during the inspection when they flush and treat the condensate drain.
  • And lastly, duct work will be inspected for any leaks.

What It All Means

Ideally, you want your AC system checked before the beginning of the new spring season. It’s a routine all homeowners should have. Maintaining your HVAC system is nothing but a great habit to have for your AC tune-up. Not only will you find yourself more prepared but you will also save more in the meantime. Enjoy comfortable living no matter the season.

Don’t struggle to stay cool once the warm weather shows up and call Cranney today for an AC tune-up!

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