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6 Signs You Need A Sump Pump Replacement

The average sump pump purchase gives your home about a decade of flood protection. However, like any sort of major electronic, sump pumps need occasional examinations and sometimes replacements. Failing to catch onto a faulty sump pump can result in an expensive repair bill for your flooded basement. However, you can only know when to call for a sump pump replacement if you’re aware of what to look for. At Cranney Home Services, we’re here to help you learn what to look for.

Here are six signs you need to schedule a sump pump replacement:

Constant running

Constant running can be a major problem for your sump pump. A sump pump that runs too much will use more electricity and get run down quicker. There are several reasons your pump won’t stop running:

  • The float switch is tangled or clogged.
  • Your pump is too big or too small for the pit.
  • The check valve is missing or broken.
  • There’s a continuous heavy flow into your sump pit. This could be caused by a high water table or underground spring.

Call one of our professionals to help you assess the situation and figure out how to best deal with this.

A noisy pump

A loud sump pump often represents some sort of mechanical problem. Rattling and grinding noises mean you should check on the impeller, which is the fan at the bottom of the sump pump. Meanwhile, a noisy motor means a bearing isn’t working properly.

No water in the sump pit

When there’s no water in the sump pit, even when the pump is running, it’s possible the pit isn’t properly installed or connected to your drainage system. If you don’t see any water, disconnect your sump pump and give us a call to take a look.

Irregular cycling

An improperly adjusted float switch can cause your sump pump to turn on and off irregularly, even when there’s heavy rain. If not properly adjusted, your sump pump might think you want it to turn on when it only has a few inches of water. It’s also possible the sump pump has a wiring problem or a short circuit.

Clogged pump and switches

If you own a sump pump, you should make sure you have an airtight lid for it. Without one, contaminants like dust can get into the pit or onto parts, or jam and tangle switches. All of these things are capable of causing clogs.

Old age

No matter how good you are to your sump pump, you’ll eventually need a replacement. A sump pump can usually last around a decade if you take good care of it. However, certain factors can influence the sump pump’s effective age. Some of these include how often you use the pump, its quality, and how long it takes the pump to discharge water.

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