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5 Tips for Toilet Repair in Boston MA


One of the greatest inconveniences in the home is a toilet problem. You can go for a long time and everything seems to be working fine, then all of the sudden the toilet needs to be fixed. Doesn’t it always happen at the worst of times?

Some problems you can easily fix on your own. Others need professional toilet repair in Boston. Five of the most basic tips for getting things back on track are explained here. The trick is to not get in over your head. If you think a professional should come in and look at things, call a plumber to do it right.

  1. The Plunger: Basically everyone has one. At some point, you’ll probably notice the water doesn’t go down, or the water keeps on rising and is on the verge of overflow. A flanged plunger produces enough suction to loosen shallow clogs. All you have to do is keep pushing straight down. Once you remove the plunger, the water should drain. Assuming the problem has been fixed there’s nothing else to do.
  2. When Water Continues to Rise: If this is the case, there could be problem inside the tank. Sometimes the fill valve gets stuck. It looks like a small cylinder or ball-shaped device floating in the water. Lift it up. That should immediately stop the flow of water into the bowl and is another fast way to avoid an overflow.
  3. Flushing Toilet/Hot Shower: The toilet naturally draws cold water away from showers. That means when someone flushes a toilet in the house, the water in the shower can get uncomfortably hot. To fix this, you can slow the rate of the flush. Doing so requires finding the water valve and closing it tighter. Move it about a quarter to one-half turn from the off position. A slower-filling tank will decrease the changes in shower water temperature when someone flushes.
  4. Dripping Toilet Tank: It might appear the tank is dripping, but that doesn’t always mean you have a cracked tank or pipe. One trick is to add food coloring to the water in the tank. If you see it on the floor, then you will need toilet repair in Boston. Perhaps it is a crack or a loose connection. Otherwise it could just be seasonal moisture buildup.
  5. Contact a Licensed Plumber: A few problems are surprisingly easy to fix on your own. Occasionally, you’ll encounter something that is over your head. A severe water leak, back up of sewage, or complete cut-off of your water supply are things only a professional should look at.

Try fixing minor toilet problems on your own. These are often easy and quick. If you need toilet repair in Boston, Cranny Home Services is just a phone call away and will get a licensed plumber out to your home immediately to resolve any problem.

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