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5 Signs to Get a Water Heater Replacement in Massachusetts


Like any appliance in your home, your tank water heater will eventually break down after some time. You’ll inevitably have to replace it, but you likely want to get your replacement before it causes major damage. If you know what signs to look for, you can know the best time to get a new water heater. Cranney Home Services can help you learn the signs your water heater is wearing down so you’ll know when you need a water heater replacement for your Massachusetts home.

Here are 5 signs you’ll need a water heater replacement for your Massachusetts home:


Do you know how old your water heater is? On average, a well-maintained tank water heater lasts ten to fifteen years. If your heater is reaching the double digits, it might be getting time to put it out to pasture. You can check the water heater’s serial number if you’re unsure of how old it is. From there, you’ll have to check with the manufacturer to determine exactly how old the water heater is.

Rusty or muddy water

If your water is looking rusty, that might be a sign the water tank is starting to deteriorate on the inside. When looking for rust, check the tank seams, the temperature and pressure release valves, the water supply line, and the drain valve. If the water is muddy, it’s a sign of sediment build-up in the tank. You can fix this by flushing out the tank, but be wary if you haven’t provided regular maintenance in a few years. Flushing the tank might open up a hole that was filled with mineral sediment.

Leaking water tank

If there’s standing or leaking water around the tank, call one of our professionals right away. The tank could be experiencing an internal failure. There’s no real fix for this, and you’ll have to replace the tank quickly to avoid damage to your home. Make sure you disconnect the electricity or turn off the gas and let the water cool before you remove and replace the tank.

Strange noises

It’s normal for water heaters to make some noise while operating. However, cracking and popping noises are a legitimate problem. Noise issues are generally the result of a buildup of sediment in the tank. As the sediment heats and reheats, it’ll eventually harden at the bottom of the tank. The noises are caused by pockets of the air in the sediment boiling along with the tank’s water. Flushing the tank should clean it, but if the noise persists, your tank might be close to cracking or leaking.

Not enough hot water

Sediment can do more than damage your tank. The sediment that builds upon the bottom gets between the burner and the water. This results in colder showers and a harder-working heating element. Eventually, the heater will fail and possibly cause a leak. An annual water tank flushing can alleviate the issue, and consider investing in water conditioning if you have hard water.

Why call Cranney to order my new water heater?

Since 1986, Cranney Home Services has been helping the residents of Massachusetts handle their home service problems. Our family-friendly and reliable technicians can answer all of your questions and offer upfront pricing on all their work. Also, our highly trained technicians will make sure to clean up any messes and debris created from our work. Call Cranney Home Services today to learn more about our water heater replacement services!

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