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5 Reasons to Tune-up Your Furnace After the Winter


As the winter winds down, people all across America will be giving their furnaces a break as warm weather makes a reappearance. However, just because the weather is warming up doesn’t mean you should forget about your furnace for the next nine months. In fact, the spring and fall months are some of the best times to call us and give your furnace a tune-up. A spring tune-up will give your furnace the checkup it needs after a long winter of warming your home, while a fall tune-up will ensure it’ll run smoothly when winter starts in a few months. At Cranny Home Services, we can help keep your furnace well-maintained if you call on us.

Here are 5 reasons to have us tune-up your furnace today:

  1. Cleaning. No matter what you use to heat your home, heating systems accumulate dust and other particles. All of that debris can negatively affect the efficiency and performance of your furnace. When your furnace is working harder, it can cause a big jump in your utility bills and put unnecessary wear on your furnace, reducing its lifespan. When technicians from Cranney Home Services give your furnace a tune-up, they’ll give it a thorough cleaning to prevent such issues.
  2. Less risk of failure. You might not know it, but certain parts of your furnace may have been close to breaking when winter ended. If you don’t check your furnace and leave it be until next winter, there’s a good chance it’ll break when winter has barely started. You don’t want to have your furnace break in the middle of sub-zero temperatures! Call us to make sure your furnace is up to snuff for next winter.
  3. Cheaper than a major repair. If you’re worried about having to pay for a furnace tune-up, consider this. If your furnace breaks down, the repairs that’ll be required to get it running again will be somewhat expensive. On the other hand, the preventative maintenance we perform during a tune-up costs much less. Make the smart choice and have us take a look at your furnace before any issues pop up.
  4. Safety. In order to produce heat, furnaces have to burn some sort of fuel. This combustion process can cause problems if something is wrong with the furnace. Gas could leak into the house, carbon monoxide could be released, or your furnace could start a fire. Don’t take a chance with your safety and have someone from Cranney check your furnace.
  5. Maintain your warranty. If your furnace is under manufacturer warranty, it’s a good idea to have it regularly checked. Many manufacturer warranties state that they will become void if the furnace doesn’t get regular maintained. Having one of our technicians give your furnace a tune-up can uphold your warranty and ensure you’re covered.  

Why should I hire Cranny Home Services to tune-up my furnace?

  • Cranny Home Services has over forty years of experience helping homes and businesses with their plumbing, heating, cooling, and electricity.
  • We are proud to announce our Gold membership in Nexstar, a leading professional organization that offers us a wealth of knowledge as well as proving our dedication to our customers.
  • Our technicians are licensed and professional, not to mention well-trained in all aspects of customer service.
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