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6 Benefits of a Standby Generator in Massachusetts

The East Coast may be a nice place to live, but we still get our share of inclement weather. Dying hurricanes often reach Massachusetts and subject us to torrential nor’easters. Also, we often get winter storms that can snow us in our homes for days. What these storms share in common is the ability to knock out the power. Having no power is no fun, but you can prevent that from happening. By installing a standby generator on your Massachusetts property, you can keep the power on, even during heavy storms.

Here are six reasons you should call us to install a standby generator on your Massachusetts property:

Seamless switching from grid to generator

When you have a standby generator, it’ll sit on your property waiting for the power to go out. When the main power grid goes down, an automatic transfer switch in the generator activates. It’ll then remove you from the grid, switch you to generator power, and turn the generator on. This happens in a very short amount of time, so you only lose power for an instant.

Safety from electrical damage

Even when the power’s out, your electronics may have to deal with electrical hazards. For instance, violent power surges, brownouts, and spikes can hit your electronics if you’re connected to a powerless grid. These can all damage any electronics that are plugged in. Having a standby generator switch you off the grid protects your electronics from damage, and it’ll automatically switch you back when the grid is powered and stable.

Constant electricity

You might have guessed it, but standby generators let you keep your electricity running during a power outage. Keeping your electricity online has a wide variety of benefits. For instance, you won’t have to worry about anything in your freezer melting or defrosting. This means you won’t have to spend money on replacing food or repairing potential water damage.

Protection from other damage

Electrical damage isn’t the only kind of damage a power outage can cause. When you have no power, appliances that could protect you from storm damage won’t be able to work. For instance, if you have a sump pump, it’s not going to be draining water if it has no energy. Similarly, when you have no heat, you might have to deal with frozen pipes.

Increase your home’s value

Having a standby generator on your Massachusetts property means you have peace of mind. This is a big consideration when someone is looking to buy a house. When you have a standby generator on your lot, you can make a lot more money from selling your house.

Stay safe in your home

During bad weather, the last thing you want to do is leave your home. Oftentimes during New England snowstorms, losing electricity means you won’t have heat in your home. This means you’ll have to leave your home and go somewhere else, such as a hotel. Leaving your home is inconvenient and can cost you money if you check into a hotel. By having a standby generator, you can stay comfortable in your home.

How can Cranney Home Services help me keep my electricity on?

Cranney Home Services has over forty years of experience in home and business service contractingWe are committed to providing a superior standard in residential services in plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical that has not been available in this area until now!  We take pride in providing the best service to our customers and ensuring they’re 100% satisfied before we leave. Our certified technicians will ensure your system is up to code and will keep your family comfortable for years to come. Call Cranney Home Services today to learn more about getting a standby generator!

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