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5 Benefits of Calling for Furnace Maintenance


A previous blog we posted helped you prepare for the winter by shutting down your AC. Now it’s time to ensure your heating will work for the winter. New England winters are known for being nasty, so it’s important to get your furnace all set up. Months of inactivity can make your furnace dusty, inefficient, and unreliable. If you want to get your furnace ready for the winter, call Cranney and learn how furnace maintenance can help you stay warm.

Here are five ways furnace maintenance will benefit you this winter:

Extend your furnace’s life

You never want to neglect your furnace and other appliances. If you don’t give your furnace regular maintenance, it’ll die out quicker and become inefficient. Poorly-maintained furnaces are also more likely to suffer from breakdowns and need costly repairs.

Better energy efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, about half of a furnace owner’s energy usage comes from using the furnace. Regular furnace maintenance can help you avoid furnace problems that would lower its energy efficiency. Well-optimized furnaces can use about 30% less energy than normal.

Prevent gas leaks

It’s important to keep your furnace healthy, but it’s especially important for gas models. Damaged or worn down gas furnaces can produce deadly and odorless carbon monoxide. Also, they’re capable of leaking flammable gasses that can cause house fires.

Know if you’ll need a replacement

Unless you bought it personally, it can be hard to tell how old it is. That’s why it’s a good idea to call us to help you with furnace maintenance work. Our maintenance experts can help you determine your furnace’s age and if a replacement is necessary. Scheduling your maintenance session earlier can give you more time to look at replacement models.

Save money and avoid large repairs

While our furnace maintenance will cost you, the price is nothing compared to a complete replacement or repairs. Furnace maintenance allows us to discover problems before they ruin your furnace. Preventing these breakdowns will let you stay warm this winter and avoid paying for big repairs.

What makes Cranney the area’s trusted furnace expert?

Cranney Home Services has over forty years of experience in home and business service contractingWe are committed to providing a superior standard in residential services in plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical that has not been available in this area until now!  We take pride in providing the best service to our customers and ensuring they’re 100% satisfied before we leave. Our certified technicians will ensure your system is up to code and will keep your family comfortable for years to come. Call Cranney today to learn more about keeping your home warm this winter!

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